Why Now is the Best Time to Remodel

Normandy Remodeling BuildKnowing the best, right time to remodel has always been a difficult decision. There seem to be never-ending reasons to wait one more year until suddenly, time slips by, and you find yourself wondering whatever happened to those grand plans for a remodel?

“You may think you’ve missed that perfect window of opportunity, given the inflation we’re currently experiencing across all markets,” says Normandy Director of Design Troy Pavelka. “You’re not too late, but if you’re holding out hope and waiting for prices to go back down, you may be disappointed.”

Remember way back when gas prices tipped over the $2 threshold? They never did come back down.

Normandy remodeling Design

With inflation in the news, it may feel frivolous to consider a remodeling project now. Is it though? You’re spending more time at home and you kind of love it. Bringing the family together to stream a movie instead of going to the theatre and trying new recipes instead of dining out. “You deserve to beautify your home, it’s the place you live, it’s where you’re raising your family,” Troy reasons.

It’s also possible to wait too long and regret your delay. “The average homeowner takes about six years to decide to remodel. Once the project is complete, the biggest regret our customers share with us is that they wish they’d done this sooner,” Troy says. “You don’t want to be one of those people who wait to remodel just before selling their home. You’ll be handing over your keys before you had any time to enjoy the new space.”

Architect reviewing blueprints with customerPricing on commodities may come back down, but not enough to make a huge difference in the overall cost of your remodel. “Waiting longer for prices to change at this point will not appreciably affect the cost of a renovation. I don’t think we’ll be where we were in 2019,” says Troy. “The other factor to consider is the trade shortage, which has been a growing problem for many years. The cost of experienced and skilled tradespeople has been steadily increasing, even before the recent remodeling boom.”

So, you waited, now what? “Regret doesn’t do any good, those were decisions made in the past,” says Troy. “Getting started on your remodel sooner than later means your home can be a beautiful, functional space to enjoy now and for years to come.”

If you want to talk more about your remodeling timeline, give us a call, we’re here to work through all of your questions and concerns. To prime the idea well, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we showcase the beautiful projects we’ve recently completed for families like yours.

Debunk Trends and Stay Classically Cool

White kitchen cabinets with a stained island and stone hood

You know your style. It’s classic, refined, yet fresh. Just like sidestepping the skinny jeans phase, you don’t follow over-the-top design trends but still like to remain current. Normandy Designer Liz Reifschneider says that your home can reflect that feeling, too. “When you have an understanding of what constitutes timeless design, you’ll be confident incorporating those elements to create a space that reflects your core style and will last for years.”

Just like classic pieces in your closet, go with a look and feel that will last

It’s okay if you don’t follow trends. “What you want is a quality remodel that solves the design problem you have with your existing space.  Look for a style that stands the test of time,” suggests Liz. “If you want to know what will look fresh even ten years from now, lean more contemporary, instead of traditional. Not many are opting for uber traditional anymore, which includes the substantial furniture, heavy draperies, ornate fixtures, and embellishments.”

White oak modern kitchen

Certain colors and textures feel dated

“Design trends today aren’t even necessarily styles, but rather colors and textures,” says Liz. “Grays are out. Warm tones are in,” comments Liz. “Gold tones for fixtures and hardware are finding a foothold over silver tones. In wood selections, we’re getting away from rich and deep and leaning more white or blonde oak. Think warm over cool. Creams and taupes are safe and neutral if you can’t commit to a warm pigment or a vibrant color,” Liz says.

White kitchen with timeless design features

Textures found in the countertops, backsplashes, and floor tiles change with the times, too. “Leathered countertops are replacing the polished counter look,” says Liz. “Homeowners are choosing backsplashes with a matte feel over those that are shiny. Tiles that have ridges and dimension to them are fresh and current and will stand the test of time,” Liz says.

Layouts and features shift with our changing lifestyle

“Desks in the kitchen have had their day. Now, I suggest a larger island as a space to do homework or catch up on emails,” says Liz. “It’s more efficient and cost effective to create multi-purpose spaces. Instead of a desk, you can have a nook to store your laptop and that nook can be dual purposed to hold your cookbooks or electric tea kettle when you’re not working.”

Classic color palettes create a timeless look

Create the feeling

In the end, it’s about what flows best with the overall feel of the home. “I often ask my customers what mood they want to convey in a room. ‘Do you long for a bright, fresh, spa-like feel in your primary bath? Do you envision your new kitchen airy and uncluttered with carefully curated open shelving? How do you want to feel when you step into this new space?’”

Think about your next remodeling project and decide on the mood you want to communicate. Then, reach out to us. Whether you feel you’re ahead of the design curve or just catching up to the latest trend, Liz can discuss your remodeling project ideas. For some inspiration on current trends or timeless design, take a peek at our completed project photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Timeless Design White KitchenSimple shaker style doors create a timeless lookGold Fixture over center islandMaster Bathroom Vanity in a Chicago Condo

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