Designing With Slabs Beyond The Kitchen

Gray vanity with drawers and doors and makeup table

Once slabs of stone took over the kitchen, mesmerizing us with their swirls and veining on counters, backsplashes and waterfall edge islands, it wasn’t long before people wanted the luxurious look in other rooms. After all, each eye-catching installation is unique and the lack of grout lines has appeal beyond the aesthetic. It’s no surprise then that today’s design-savvy homeowners who are looking to create unique and extraordinary environments in which to live often turn to slabs of porcelain, stone or Quartz to dress up their spaces.

Using slab materials can create visual impact anywhere in your home. In addition to the kitchen, people are requesting porcelain, stone or Quartz slabs in the bathroom, laundry room and even for the fireplace. It’s a high style approach that will transform these everyday spaces into soothing retreats.

“It’s a timeless look that will look and feel up-to-date for years to come,” says Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe.

White laundry room cabinets with gold tone fixtures

In addition to natural stone, Ashley uses thin Quartz slabs or natural stone-look porcelain slabs to create extraordinary rooms for families. She explains, “The porcelain we use is quarter inch or half inch thick. Really, it’s a giant tile, but you get to skip the grout lines and it gives you some additional freedom in the design.”

Regardless of the material, the sleek aesthetic draws the eye to wherever the slabs are placed. “In the bathroom for example, we’ll design a moment around the slab by placing it behind the vanity or on a feature wall,” Ashley says, adding, “When you have a gorgeous material, it’s important to let it shine.”

Choosing between natural stone, porcelain and Quartz might come down to personal preference, but keep in mind that sometimes the use will dictate the material. “Fireplaces are a fantastic way to celebrate a single sheet of slab material, but be sure to choose wisely,” notes Ashley. “Natural stone and porcelain are good choices for this application, but because of the resins in manmade Quartz, it’s not a good choice for fireplace surrounds as the heat can cause it to discolor.”

Modern light fixtures in a bathroom

Thanks to their durability, slabs are also a good choice for workhorse spaces like the laundry room.  “A slab backsplash in your laundry room probably won’t make you want to do more laundry, but you’ll be happy with the environment while you’re in there,” says Ashley.

Treating the walls with eye-catching porcelain or stone is just one of the elements to consider when upgrading your space. If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your bathroom, kitchen or another room in your home, you can set up a time to talk to Ashley about the possibilities. Browse the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries for inspiration or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for more ideas.




We Asked and You Answered… Shower, Tub or Both?

modern primary bathroom with separate shower and tub, skylight and dark double vanity

There are people who are devoted to the self-care provided by a relaxing soak. And nearly everyone loves the reviving powers of a great shower. Yet the question of whether to include both a tub and a shower in the primary bathroom continues to perplex couples and families as they weigh the pros and cons of leaving one out or including both.

We put this question to our Normandy Remodeling Facebook community and the responses are enthusiastic. Here’s what our informal poll respondents had to say:

Option#1 Both – Leading the pack is a bathroom with a separate shower and tub. Lots of people like both because they want to keep their options open. They may use the shower more often, but a nice soak in the tub after a long week remains appealing. Even some of the tub-averse feel they are good for resale value.

master shower with marble look tile and exposed stone

Option #2 Shower Only – Team shower also makes a strong showing. Cases are made for taking space from a tub to create a larger shower area with a bench, handheld and fixed faucets, steam elements and color therapy. As long as there is a tub somewhere in the house, this group is all for ditching it in the primary bath.

Clawfoot tub with chandelier in tiled barrel ceiling

Option #3 Bathtub Only – There aren’t many people who are ready to go tub only, but there are people who swoon for a good looking tub. Gorgeous freestanding tubs are available in styles from romantic to modern. These sculptural beauties create incredible focal points where they are installed.

What’s your preference? If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your bathroom or your whole primary suite, make an appointment to talk with a Normandy Designer. There are lots of ideas with tubs, showers and both in the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries. In addition to polls, we share inspiration on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow along to join in the fun.

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