Shower Bench Ideas and Benefits

triangle shape corner bench in a showerThere are many design choices to make when planning your bathroom remodel, but none seem to offer the same level of options to consider as the shower. There are tile options to consider, shower fixture configurations, and storage elements to consider. But one of the most universally appreciated additions to the shower is the humble shower bench.

A shower bench is a design element that many people choose to include as a non-negotiable item for their bathroom remodel, and with good reason. The obvious benefit is that it allows for a place to sit while bathing, a welcome option particularly if you’re under the weather or nursing an injury. Shower benches, when paired with a hand held shower spray, are also a practical option for forward thinking folks who are planning to age in place and want to make bathing easier and less stressful in their golden years.

Benches also provide a welcome perch for shaving your legs, giving you a more stable base to avoid nicks or cuts. If you’re all about the luxury showering experience, you can even opt for a heated shower bench to take the chill out of cold Chicago winters. No matter what you choose for your bench, it just adds a touch of comfort and luxury that’s easily customized to fit your style and taste.

master shower with marble look tile and exposed stone

Thankfully, you can often find a way to include a shower bench, even if it just takes up an unassuming corner. The benefits of a shower bench, even a little one, make it one of the most frequently requested features of any shower.

Keep in mind when choosing a shower bench, it is best to go with a single slab of solid material, as grout lines typically cannot hold up to the consistent exposure to moisture.  It’s also best to have the top of the bench overhang slightly, again for moisture management.

Finding the right combination of materials and features for your shower is just one part of acing your bathroom remodel. Set up a time to talk with a designer about your new bathroom, or register for an upcoming workshop to learn more about preparing for your remodel. You can also find more tips and inspiration delivered to you daily, by following Normandy on Instagram or Facebook.

dual sets of fixtures to allow for concurrent his and hers showering

walk-in shower with mother of pearl inlay tileSmall bench in a shower with colorful blue tile

Casement Windows vs Double Hung

casement window ideas

No home can be complete without windows. They play an essential part and have a significant influence on the function and look of your home. Windows come in different shapes and sizes, but casement and double-hung are two types of windows that you’ll likely encounter the most. What’s the difference between these windows, and which is right for you?

Casement windows use cranks to open and close and extend on the outside of your home. Double-hung windows move up and down in a frame.

When comparing both window styles, an important difference between the two is that double-hung windows have screens on the outside of the window, while casement windows have the screen on the inside. “Choosing between casement windows and double-hung windows is really based on personal preference for the most part,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Molloy, CKD.

double hung windows images colonial house ideas created by normandy designer stephanie bryant

“Casement windows add more architectural detail to a home, which some people are really drawn to.  Also, if you’re a big “open the windows and let the fresh air in” person, you may prefer casement windows because the whole window opens up. Whereas with double-hung, only half the window opens; however, some people find opening double-hung to be more convenient for that reason. ”

“In regards to cost, casement windows will typically cost a little more,” noted Leslie, “But that’s not always the case depending on different variables, such as the brand you choose.”

Choosing the right window is just one of the details to consider when remodeling or adding to your home. To find out what is right for your home, you can schedule a time to meet with one of Normandy’s talented Designers, like Leslie Molloy, CKD, or register for an upcoming workshop to get your inspiration flowing! Check out the photo gallery or follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even more home tips and inspiration.

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