4 Parent-Approved Tips for a Frustration-Free Kids Bathroom

Preparing for your child’s bathroom remodel can leave you torn between catering to the needs of a little one against creating a space that will be useful as they age. Fortunately, Normandy Designers have some experience when it comes to creating spaces that are intuitive and frustration-free for all ages. We’ve put together a few of our favorite kid-friendly features that are as good for your aching back as they are for your increasingly independent child.

1) Potty Seats
Potty training is near the top of the least-favorite parenting experiences, but making the toilet experience easier and more comfortable for smaller users is a step in the right direction. Cleanliness, speed, and ease of use are key, which is why we love these integrated child toilet seats. “Kohler offers a toilet seat that incorporates a child-sized seat that drops down and rests on top of the standard seat,” says Normandy Designer Amanda Heyland. “It lifts up into the lid making it virtually invisible when not in use, and it’s simple enough for even the youngest of children to fold down into place.” These toilet seats not only save you from storing and swapping on and off those separate child-sized toilet seats, but they’re easier to keep clean too.

2) Hand-held shower wandsFloating vanity, dual shower head
Bath time is another back-breaking experience as parents everywhere lean over the tub to help get their kids nice and clean. “I almost insist that families with young children include a handheld shower wand in their bathroom remodels,” notes Amanda. “You can use them when the children are young and still largely taking baths, and many have the option to be mounted on an adjustable vertical bar, so they become the perfect shower that grows with your child as they age.”

3) Tile Wainscot
Let’s face it, there’s a lot of splashing and wetness involved when you add kids to the bathroom, which is why wainscot tile is an excellent option. “Tiling the walls part of the way up, particularly around and behind the toilet area, makes it easy to keep clean and minimizes the potential for water damage to your walls,” says Amanda.

4) Durable Cabinetry
“When it comes to cabinetry, I recommend one of two options,” notes Amanda. “If you are in love with real wood, then I recommend you go with a stained rather than a painted finish, because it will hold up better against dings. But if you really want something that you don’t have to worry about, I recommend you opt for a laminate cabinet,” shares Amanda. “Textured laminate cabinets these days are absolutely gorgeous and hold up well over time.” You may also opt to install either type of cabinet as a floating vanity which keeps the cabinetry up and off the floor.

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Level Up Your Kitchen Island

white kitchen with islandIt’s no secret that kitchen islands are a must-have, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore a variety of options that are outside your run-of-the-mill shapes and sizes. Take this case for example, a two-seated elevated breakfast bar paired with a lowered prep station (sink included). Pretty dashing right?

Creating a two-tiered kitchen island welcomes an array of benefits, and for this on-the-tall-side family, height and comfort were the two main components. “Each family member was over six feet tall, which meant the taller the countertop height, the better,” says Normandy Designer Laura Barber.“Since the home already featured a dining area, we thought we’d include a more casual eating spot for breakfast or late-night meals where any member could comfortably pop into a seat and enjoy a snack or two.”

When creating a mixed height kitchen island station, there are a few variables to consider. “The elevated walnut countertop is bar height, which is 42 inches and is paired with bar height swivel chairs,” Laura notes. “I’ve been in scenarios where homeowners have opted for higher than the standard 42 inch countertop height  but when paired with a standard height bar stool, it’s a mismatch. If you opt for a specialty height, you’ll need to either invest in an adjustable option or consider some custom seating to make things feel a bit more comfortable.”

Kitchen with light and dark stained cabinets and adjoining painted cabinets

Countertop depth is another variable to be aware of, especially in an elevated section designed for seating. “We’d recommend staying at a minimum of 18 inches deep because if the countertop space is too shallow, you  may unwittingly knock off your plate or glass,” Laura adds.

Now that we’ve got the height situation sorted, let’s move onto elbow room. “The standard is to allow 24” of width for each person,” Laura states. “This is so that people can come and go freely, without disrupting the people on the other side of their chair. If things are a bit tight, opt for a bar stool that has a slim width so that the chair itself doesn’t contribute to tighter clearances.”

kitchen island with higher seating

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