Barn Door Basics

Laundry Room with Barn Doors

Think about the doors in your home. While they provide entrance or privacy to an enclosed space, many often forget that they can add to the overall aesthetic. One door that doesn’t disappoint is a barn door, which adds interest and drama. If this style door is in line with your tastes and preferences, here are some design considerations from Normandy Designer Liz Reifschneider.

“A barn door really makes a statement,” said Liz. “It’s usually a door that is different from the rest of the doors in your home, so it introduces a new style element into the room.”

So, where and how should you consider adding a barn door? As it so happens, it really just depends on your wall size.

“You need to have wall space adjacent to the opening so the door can slide over the wall,” noted Liz. If you have a larger opening, you can opt for double barn doors. If it is on the smaller side, a single barn door can do the trick.”

Barn door with stained finishBarn Door

“You also need to consider what sort of moldings you have on your wall,” added Liz. “If you have a baseboard or chair rail, you’ll need to consider the thickness of those. Additionally, the opening should not have a door casing.”
Sliding barn door on master closet

The beauty of a barn door is that it is an extremely versatile concept. In fact, it can translate to any style. For example, you can make the door more modern with metal framed glass. Different tracks and handles are also ways to make a statement and add layers of detail.

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A Fresh Take on Display Cabinets

butlers pantry and additional kitchen storageGlass-door cabinets have always been a popular choice for showcasing fine china, canisters, or other decorative items. However, it looks as though metal mesh inserts are also finding their place in today’s kitchen remodels. This new and refreshing design idea offers plenty of options when it comes to materials, color, and style. Here are some additional details from Normandy Designer Leslie Molloy, CKD.

“While many still opt for glass-door cabinets, some are putting a new spin on their display cabinets with a grill insert,” said Leslie. “Overall, this option is new and visually different than glass, adding interest and texture.”

16_Trx_AFTER_3_REVSimilar to glass, which can be rippled or frosted, this insert can be molded into various patterns. Additionally, there are a variety of colors and materials, including metal and wood. Overall, this ensures that you can beautifully match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

“This concept works really well if you try to coordinate materials with your hardware or light fixture colors,” noted Leslie. “Or, mixing metals has become a popular trend, which gives some flexibility too.”


When it comes to this unique cabinetry concept, it is important to note one con. With this type of insert, your cabinetry is open to the adjacent space. Therefore, dust can get inside, just as it would with open shelving. However, for many, the pros outweigh this con.

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