Spotlight on the Kitchen Sink

“The sink is the most commonly used area of the kitchen. You do your prep work at the sink and you clean up at the sink, which means that every meal you make begins and ends at the sink,” says Normandy Design Manager Leslie Molloy, CKBD.

Proper lighting at the sink will make your time there easier and possibly even more enjoyable. “It’s imperative that you have good task lighting,” This can be an aesthetic choice like sconces, or something strictly task-oriented, including can lights or a light bar above the sink. “A can light can get it done, but it won’t add beauty the way a well-chosen pair of sconces will,” says Leslie.

Can lights will provide more direct lighting while sconces will shed diffused light on the sink. Want the best of both worlds? Add both. “Have as much light as possible,” says Leslie, adding, “Oftentimes, something that seems like it’s simply a task light is actually adding another layer of dimension to the overall design of your kitchen.”

White kitchen with cabinets above the sink

That doesn’t mean you should throw up lights just anywhere. Leslie cautions, “Watch the placement of can lights over the sink. If they are installed too far toward the front of the sink; they might cast a shadow while you’re working.”

Leslie’s advice is to add extra lighting even when your sink is in front of a window. You’ll appreciate it after dark and on gloomy days. If you happen to choose a wall-mounted light over a sink with a window above it, you will need to be mindful of the header over the window which can make the install of this fixture much more challenging.

It really is the details that make your kitchen a pleasant place to be. When you’re spending a lot of time at the sink, those details should really light it up.

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? You can set up a time to talk to Leslie about all the beautiful possibilities a new kitchen can bring to your family. If you’re gathering ideas, the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries are a great place to find them. We also share finished projects and behind the scenes sneak peeks on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Why not follow along?


Updated kitchen with backsplash, cabinetry fixtures and hardware

Two islands and a bright red stove add personality to this white kitchen

Scale Your Appliances for the Best Kitchen Fit

Stainless steal refrigerator

When it comes to creating the perfect kitchen for you and the way you cook, it’s important to think about the appliances you want. Your research should include not just features but also and the size and scale of those appliances in relation to your kitchen. Have some fun investigating appliances. Clicking around online is good but if you can go to Abt and really experience the options, that’s even better.

By experiencing the appliances in a real-world setting, you’ll be able to curate what you need. A 36” combination refrigerator and freezer is standard, but many families want to go much bigger. Going bigger is fine if you have a larger kitchen, but maybe not if you’re working with less space. We encourage people to think of the fridge as a cabinet for what you need during the day. Supplement it with a refrigerated drawer or small beverage fridge in the pantry or wet bar. Those who like to buy in bulk might consider a deep freezer in the garage or basement.

range flanked by upper and lower cabinets and metal hood

The range is another spot where you can scale up or down to meet your needs. Keep in mind that larger cooktops put out more heat and require larger hoods with more powerful fans. You’re unlikely to notice how much air these powerful vents are pulling in an oversized kitchen, but you will be hyper aware of it in a smaller area.

A luxury kitchen is finding what you’ll use the most and tailoring it to the size of your kitchen. This might include some out-of-the-box solutions. While a 48” inch range might be too large for your kitchen, you might be better off with double oven and a cooktop.

Wall ovens with concealed television above

Think like a chef and curate appliances that work with your lifestyle. These are minimalist times with lots of efficient appliances that are more eco-friendly just by being right sized for your space.

Whether your kitchen is grandly proportioned or petite, it can be a place in which you love to spend time, filled with just the right appliances. If that’s not the case right now you can set up a time to talk about the possibilities. You’ll find inspired projects of all sizes in the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries. Follow along with us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest for more ideas.


White painted kitchen cabinets with island and large refrigerator freezer as kitchen appliancesla cornue mixed metal stove

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