Corner Cabinet Solutions

Corner set of drawersThere are many smart storage solutions designed to help you utilize every square inch of your kitchen. A few of these include spice racks disguised as decorative columns, blind corner cabinets with pull-out trays, and the pivoting shelves of a Lazy Susan. Another unique and functional option that can help add function to an awkward corner space is a set of corner drawers.

“Sometimes when items are placed on a Lazy Susan they can tip over,” said Normandy Designer Ann Stockard. “Corner drawers eliminate this problem; however, you do lose some storage space.”

Lazy Susan“If you decide upon this cabinet, a useful add-on is a soft close drawer feature,” noted Ann. “This ensures the drawer shuts smoothly and quietly.”

Selecting the best possible storage solutions is a benefit of working with a designer such as Ann. Set up an appointment to discuss how to best utilize the space in your kitchen. Or, register to attend one of our upcoming seminars to learn more about creating the ideal kitchen. You can also follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook and Twitter for ideas and the latest trends.

Hinsdale Kitchen Goes from Bland to Grand

Before renovating, this Hinsdale kitchen lacked character. Overall, the space was very plain, which was not even close to reflecting the family that used it day in and day out. A large range in the main traffic area leading into the kitchen also stretched out the space, making the kitchen feel more like a long hallway. Ready to make a change, Normandy Designers Terry Tondelli and Kathryn O’Donovan were brought in to transform this kitchen into a functional and beautiful space that better fits their needs.                 

The designers first addressed the layout, designing a more functional work triangle. First, they broke up the “long hallway” by separating the kitchen into two work zones.

The zone closest to the kitchen is a command central area for organizing the family’s busy schedule. It was formed by moving the window above the sink to the eating area. The range was moved to the former sink wall and the sink was placed on the island which allowed the homeowners to interact with their children during homework and snack time as well as spend time with their guests when entertaining.

The second zone, nearest the formal dining room, functions as a wet bar and butler’s pantry. Additionally, a service sink, built-in coffeemaker, and microwave are on the other side of the island, creating yet another work area.

Once the layout was corrected, beautiful focal points and mixed finishes were created to highlight the space. The refrigeration was designed to look like a furniture piece and open shelving, glass, and white and dark tones brought plenty of interest and texture to the space. Granite countertops and a marble backsplash tile also add richness and texture. The metal hood is another unique detail that allowed some additional texture and finishes.

As can be seen, the end result is a stunning kitchen with a layout that improves their family interaction and combines stunning focal points in the hood, refrigeration armoire, and the island stone. Contact Terry or Kathryn to take your kitchen to the next level. Or, register to attend our upcoming kitchen remodeling seminar “Secrets of the Ideal Kitchen.” You can also follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for design ideas and inspiration.

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