Countertops are Here

The end is drawing near as Normandy Designer Leslie Lee shares the progress of her kitchen renovation, step by step as she experiences it.  This steady renovation progress is due in large part to our amazing project superintendent, Rick Ruh.  Rick has kept a close eye on the schedule and all the details for Leslie’s project to ensure everything moves along quickly and smoothly.You can always click here to find the first story in the series which includes some amazing “before” photos and see all the wondrous progress that’s been made so far.

“The countertops are now installed, and although Sophie doesn’t look too impressed (there she is looking tired and bored – but what do 14-month-olds know anyway) – Gary and I are psyched.  I was able to work with the fabricator to be sure my favorite part of the stone, the big white and gray blobs, were located in a prominent spot, right on the island.

The kitchen sink is in place now too.  I choose a great Kohler stainless steel model with the smart divide feature.  You can see that the middle divider is lowered so that it’s much easier to clean big pots and pans.  Love that feature.

In the powder room, the new vanity has been set up too.  It looks like a little piece of furniture, rather than a built-in piece.  I like this look for a small bathroom space.  It seems a bit lighter.”

Cabinets Bring the Kitchen to Life

A kitchen remodel can be so exciting, and if you aren’t living through yours right now then we have your fix. Normandy Designer Leslie Lee has been blogging about her kitchen renovation since it began and today we get to see one of the biggest design elements be placed…the kitchen cabinets.
Gary, Sophie, and I were traveling for a few days, and arrived home to this unbelievable sight.  I almost shed a tear when I saw the cabinets in place.  This is coming together exactly as I envisioned it.  I can definitely understand that homeowners (who aren’t designers) have difficulty envisioning what their new space might look like.  It’s so important to rely on some who can visualize it.  Let’s just say Gary is lucky his wife is in the remodeling business – ha!

There are many pieces of the puzzle yet to be completed (countertops, trim, sink, and faucet, backsplash, electrical trim, floor staining, appliances), but it is really shaping up.

A few of my favorite cabinet details:

– The area where the microwave will be built in, and the diagonal wine cubbies were installed. The depth of these cabinets was reduced to allow for a little larger seating area on the island.

– The leg details on the side of the island. I had to do some special depths on the cabinets here too in order to get the look I wanted. I love how the legs break up all of the paneling on the side of the island and provide visual interest.

– The four little drawers next to the location where the beverage fridge will be installed are so cute – I love them!

The countertops are being fabricated now – so hopefully those will be coming next.”

To read about this entire kitchen remodel, starting from the beginning, just click here and you’ll see where it all began.

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