Including Filtered Water Dispensers in Your Kitchen Remodel

sink and faucet with filtered water dispenserDuring a kitchen remodel, instant hot and filtered water dispensers are a useful add-on to consider. They add a new level of convenience, with the ability to pour a tall glass of water or quickly make items such as instant coffee, hot tea, and oatmeal.

“The hot water dispenser is connected to a tank that delivers water at a higher temperature, eliminating the need to boil or heat water in the microwave,” said Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe.

Filtered water is also a nice feature for kitchens, giving the ability to fill up water bottles or grab a glass of water.

“The hot water option seems to be more popular as many refrigerators already have a water dispenser,” added Ashley. “However, if you prefer a refrigerator armoire or a model that does not have a built-in dispenser, then it makes sense to add a filtered water dispenser too.”

When it comes to selecting a dispenser that is right for you, there are a few items to consider.

Filtration – To improve the quality and taste of the water, the dispenser should have some sort of filtration system in place. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to change these filters one to two times per year.

Style – There are many different style options. Consider selecting a look that matches your main faucet. There are even some models that are integrated into the faucet so you don’t have an extra fixture on your countertop.

Investment – You’ll want to invest in a good, quality product. Consider the size of the tank, heater, and type of filtration system.

Set up a time to meet with Ashley to discuss your kitchen remodel, including what extra amenities will make an immeasurable difference. You can also follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for design ideas and information.

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Kitchen Remodel ‘Must-Haves’ for the Entertainer

Many of the kitchen remodels that we complete are for families who love to entertain. Whether you love hosting parties or holiday gatherings, here are some recommendations from Normandy Designer Leslie Molloy, CKD, on features that will have you and your guests feeling right at home.

“A kitchen built for entertaining is all about function and convenience,” saidDREXEL74 Leslie. “From small nuances such as countertop height to dedicated spaces and appliances, there are so many options that can keep you organized and efficient.”

In no particular order, here are seven kitchen solutions that are fit for the entertainer:

Beverage Fridge – A beverage fridge, in conjunction to a regular refrigerator, allows you to stock up on beverages for guests.
“Oftentimes, guests don’t like going into someone’s refrigerator. However, beverage fridges are more Palantine_Brockway_02inviting, allowing guests to feel more comfortable grabbing a drink,” noted Leslie.

Double-Oven or Warming Drawer – Double-ovens allow you to cook more than one dish at the same time. This is a really useful feature for large parties, or holidays like Thanksgiving where there are multiple courses and sides. However, warming drawers are another alternative that can CLUBSIDE35work just as well, allowing you to keep food warm while other dishes cook in the oven.

Wet Bar – A bar area with stemware, barware and an icemaker can make preparing drinks for guests more convenient. However, the placement of this area needs to be remote, away from where the kitchen is heavily used.

Island – If your kitchen can fit an island that is countertop height, it SPRING_LAGRANGE2_53works really well to set up food buffet style and can allow for more than one cook in the kitchen. There are also many features that can be incorporated inside of the island to benefit entertaining, including seating, a prep sink or microwave oven.

Open-Concept Floor Plan – Having your kitchen open to an adjacent room allows guests in the dining room or family room to still interact with anyone who is in the Multi-purpose storage and entertaining areakitchen cooking or cleaning.

Multi-Purpose Areas– Sometimes, a solution is a simple as creating an area that can serve more than one purpose. One example that works particularly well is a desk area.

If you want to keep a desk in your kitchen space, it can also be used as a pot to set up desserts or beverages when entertaining,” said Leslie. “This area is typically removed from the kitchen work triangle, so it works really well.”

Built-in Coffee Maker – For the luxurious kitchen connoisseur, a custom coffee experience is quite the extravagance. Consider a coffee or espresso maker built into a wall cabinet for you and your guests to enjoy.

For more beautiful kitchen ideas, check out our photo gallery. Or, set up a consultation with Leslie to begin discussing your kitchen remodel. You can also follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more design ideas and inspiration.


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