Tile Rugs That Will Leave You Floored

tile rug in primary bathroomBath rugs seem to have a mind of their own, and it seems like they’re slipping and flipping over 90% of the time. Now, there is a more permanent solution that looks spectacular and is guaranteed to stay in place – a tile rug.

Tile rugs are precisely what their name implies, a pattern of tile that is installed as part of your floor that creates the look of a decorative rug. While they admittedly aren’t great for drying your feet as you step out of the shower, they can be a visual showstopper that doesn’t break the bank.

tile rug in front of tub“When selecting your featured tile, you can use the same tile you’ve already used in another part of the space, or choose something that’s intricate and over-the-top,” notes Normandy Designer Amanda Heyland. “You get the freedom to choose a tile that might otherwise be out of your budget, but since you won’t need much of it, it’s a great way to splurge on your design.”

When it comes to a tile rug, placement matters. “By taking your favorite tile and adding a border around it, you can direct the eye to call attention to another keystone item in your bathroom like a freestanding bathtub, a striking vanity, or even centered in the room beneath a chandelier.”

PRIMARY BATH WITH TILE RUGLike any material you choose for your floor, you’ll want something that’s slip-resistant, but outside of that, the options are virtually limitless. “You’ll most likely end up choosing a ceramic or porcelain tile for your rug, since these materials have the widest range of patterns and colors,” Amanda adds. “But be aware, not all materials area available in all sizes. For instance, ceramic tiles are often smaller, and are available in a standard penny or small hexagonal shape, as large ceramic tiles are not nearly as durable as porcelain ones.”


Now the biggest difference between a cloth rug and a tile rug? You guessed it, it’s not easily changed, so proceed with caution. “You don’t want to go too bold with a color, pattern, or size but you also don’t want it to be too subtle either,” Amanda notes. “Finding the perfect balance that accents a space but still also calls attention to it, is key.”

If you’re in need of an entire bathroom overhaul, set up a time to discuss your home’s possibilities with an in-person or virtua consultation. Not quite ready to remodel? Then register for one of our upcoming webinars and while you’re at it, make sure to visit our photo gallery of past projects. For even more home tips and inspiration, follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook and Instagram.

Ready, Set, Charge!

electronic usb charging kitchen outlet

From grabbing a bite of breakfast to putting the finishing touches on some last-minute work tasks, it’s no secret that your new go-to spot these days happens to be… well, everywhere. As you move from one spot to another in your home catching up on emails and maybe even watching a YouTube video (or two), keeping your devices powered up and ready to use is as easy as plugging into your nearest USB outlet.

“A USB outlet has the two standard electrical prongs along with two USB ports, which means that pesky cube is no longer needed,” Normandy Designer Bill Peterson says. “You simply grab your cord and plug it in, and you’ve got the power to last you throughout the day.”

Before deciding exactly where to place these outlets, it makes sense to do an assessment of which areas may be of heavy use. “I typically like to do a house-wide walk-through to understand how different members of the family use the space,” adds Bill. “Asking questions such as if you’d plan to charge your phone in the kitchen or in your bedroom overnight, whether you’d like to create a smart center specifically designed to charge a variety of devices, or if you need several different options available that go along with your daily routine.”

phone usb kitchen outletUSB outlets are more expensive than your standard outlet, so deciding which outlets get the USB upgrade should be a purposeful decision. “Having a USB port in every outlet sounds like a dream come true, but in reality, it’s simply not needed,” Bill states. “You won’t actually need to charge your phone or tablet in every corner of the house, instead, choose the areas where you spend the most time; like near your sofa, tucked in your nightstand, in your home office, or even in the kitchen.”

Getting power sorted out is just one small piece of the remodeling puzzle. Set up a time with Bill to talk about space planning, additions, or layout upgrades to get every aspect of your home working well for you. Make sure to register for one of our upcoming virtual webinars to learn more about a variety of project-specific remodels, and for even more home ideas and inspiration, follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook and Instagram.

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