Shallow Shelves for the Kitchen

Kitchens are funny spaces. It seems that no matter how big or small, we could always use just a little more space. Fortunately, Normandy Designer Leslie Lee has some tricks up her sleeve to make the most of every square inch. “Finding forgotten space can be like winning a game. With the right creative eye, it’s possible to eek out just a little bit more space in almost any kitchen.”

1. The shallow cabinet –  “This is a great choice when other cabinetry is nearby and you can make the shallow cabinet look as though it’s part of the complete run,” noted Leslie.  Depending on its location, it can be a good place for spices or cooking oils.

2. Recessed niche –  “This one is the ultimate in found space,” says Leslie. “It doesn’t work in every application, but you can take advantage of the space between the studs of your wall by creating a small niche.”

3. Shallow shelves –  Shelves are the most flexible of the options, and can be as shallow or as deep as the space allows. “You can use these for decorative purposes, like showing off Grandma’s antique salt & pepper shakers, or they can have a more practical use, say to store your favorite teas,” notes Leslie

To get the most out of your kitchen, the planning starts long before you begin incorporating these finishing touches. Set up a time to talk with Leslie about how to plan for your new kitchen, or learn more at an upcoming workshop. You can also find more inspiration anytime on Facebook or Instagram.

2020 Bathroom Trend Forecast

We could all use a little more quality time in our daily routines. And as if on cue, the Master Bathroom trends on the horizon take away some of life’s little annoyances, and encourage you to give in to some serious relaxation. We’re seeing cutting edge technology combine with sensory indulgences to create a daily bathing experience that can’t be beat. Here are the top 5 bathroom remodeling trends you’re sure to want for your own:

Large soaking tub, porcelain tile, natural lightFreestanding tubs are here to stay – Freestanding bathtubs have been popular for the past few years, with no sign of backing down. They are loved for the bathing experience they offer as well as their beauty. Elegant shapes can create a striking focal point in the bathroom, and their higher sides and excellent temperature retention let you enjoy a decadently deep soak.

Large tile love – Ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you the bane of tiled walls and floors is grout, more specifically keeping the grout clean. So it’s no shock that XL tiles keep gaining ground. The larger tiles mean fewer grout lines to contend with, and as a bonus; larger tiles can make a smaller bathroom feel bigger.
Kohler Shower Fixture

Alexa compatible fixtures – Home assistants have hit the bathroom, and they’re integrated invisibly into everyday fixtures, like your shower or medicine cabinet. From music and TV control to lighting and water temperature, just ask Alexa and it’s yours.

make up area with large mirrorMake-up tables – Between morning prep and night time regimens, there is plenty of time spent in front of a mirror taking care of our skin. A comfortable spot with everything at your fingertips helps you slow down, and encourages you to enjoy the peaceful rituals of daily self-care.

walk-in shower with mother of pearl inlay tileConservation is key – Elaborate showers with multiple fixtures and body sprays are being traded in for a more modest showering experience that uses much less water. That doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your water therapy for the sake of the planet. Engineering advances have created luxurious showering experiences, using a fraction of the water. Fixtures have more options than ever to let you customize the pressure and spray type you prefer, often self-contained within a shower head or hand-held option.

Combining the right elements of your perfect master bathroom can create a space that’s sure to be your favorite room in the house. That’s where we come in. Set up a time to meet with a Normandy Designer to discuss your master bathroom or reserve your place at an upcoming bathroom remodeling workshop. You can also follow Normandy Remodeling on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more inspiration and home remodeling insights.

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