Rain Shower Heads – Let the Spa Experience Reign

framless shower with 3 types of patterned tile on walls and shower floor, with niche and rain showerheadRain shower heads have gained popularity in recent years for their ability to transform a mundane shower routine into a luxurious experience. If you are drawn to the idea of an outdoor shower or dancing in the rain, consider adding a rain shower head to your bathroom remodel.

“The appeal of rain shower heads lies in their ability to create a calming and immersive experience,” says Normandy Designer Jackie Jensen. “The gentle and even water distribution is particularly appealing to those who prefer a softer touch or have sensitive skin.”

While rain shower heads excel in delivering a spa-like ambiance, it is important to note that they may not offer the same pressure as traditional shower heads. “Unlike standard shower heads, rain shower heads typically offer a gentler flow, commonly assisted only by gravity,” says Jackie. This may be desirable for relaxation purposes, but some individuals still prefer a more effective way to rinse off soap and shampoo. “A HydroRail or other combination systems pair the rain shower head and hand shower into one fixture,” Jackie adds. This allows you to switch between the rain shower function for a relaxing experience and the hand shower function for the stronger water pressure when needed.

Rain shower heads work best in a large walk-in shower though they can be installed in a bathtub-shower combo. Chevron tile in shower with niche and gold shower fixture

“A shower that is at least 60” wide is ideal,” says Jackie. “This provides ample space to enjoy the effects of the rain shower head while preventing overspray.”

Traditional rain shower heads are mounted to the shower ceiling, while wall-mounted rain shower heads extend from the shower wall on an arm similar to a standard shower head. “Because a traditional rain shower head is mounted to the ceiling it requires more space to house the mechanicals, and will typically involve a soffit in the ceiling joists, if possible,” Jackie says. “If there is an attic above the shower, you’ll want to be certain that it is well insulated to prevent pipes from freezing.”

Rain shower heads bring a touch of luxury and elegance to any bathroom. If you want to create that spa-like experience in your own home, give Jackie a call to discuss your ideas and next steps. We offer a variety of bathroom, kitchen, and home remodeling project photos on our site’s gallery, as well as our Facebook and Instagram accounts.



walk in shower, free standing tub, chandelier in master bathroom   frameless shower attached to deep tub with deck surround in traditional primary bath with oak vanity

Fresh Feel and Historic Charm in this Primary Bathroom Remodel

vintage bathroom with dark vanity, glass knobs, black and white mosaic floor tile and shiplap wallsRemodeling a vintage primary bathroom can be a delightful project for those who appreciate the charm of bygone eras. This Downers Grove home showcases the perfect blend of preserving the vintage look while adding modern elements for a fresh update.

“The first step was removing the outdated green carpet,” says Normandy Designer Laura Barber, AKBD.  Striking black and white mosaic floor tiles instantly evoked a sense of nostalgia. The outdated wall paneling was replaced with crisp shiplap which not only provides a clean and elegant backdrop but also gives the space a more open and airier feel.

The vanity, previously in an awkward position, was adjusted to face the hall door, ensuring a more welcoming and functional layout. “Choosing a dark vanity over a standard white was a dramatic choice that complements the black and white floor tiles beautifully,” says Laura.

vintage bathroom with barrel ceiling over the shower, shiplap walls and black and white mosaic floor tilesAnother remarkable transformation involved the barrel ceiling over the tub. “For the purpose of aging in place, we converted the bathtub into a shower, which involved opening up the low shower header,” Laura says. “We refreshed the ceiling above the new shower with a distinctive tile that adds a touch of glimmer and really highlights the barrel shape.” The charming wood ceiling throughout the rest of the bathroom exudes warmth and character.

“We kept true to the era of the home, while also incorporating elements that are very on point with today’s bathroom styles,” says Laura. It’s a great example of how to remodel and reimagine a room that otherwise seemed stuck in the days of old.

Owners of historic homes know that updates take patience and solid planning. When your to-do list seems overwhelming, a phased approach may be the answer, as was the case for this couple who previously modernized their outdated kitchen. You can start making plans for how to bring your older home up to date, just set up a meeting with Laura to begin talking through your issues, challenges, and ideas. You can find inspiration from our project photos featured on Instagram and Facebook.


vintage black and white bathroom with wood ceiling   before image of vintage bathroom with green carpeting and paneled walls

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