Fun Filled Saturday in November

This past Saturday was packed with events at our Hinsdale Showroom. We started off the morning with a dynamite Bathroom Remodeling Seminar by Normandy Designer Ann Stockard. Ann, and over 40 of her now closest friends, talked about design, trends, water consumption, and creating your ideal bathing experience.  There were dozens of pictures shared, lots of great questions asked, and a yummy lunch enjoyed.

In the afternoon we were joined by our owners, Jack Steindl, Reg Marzec, and Andrew Wells for our Autumn Open House. More great food was served as we visited and chatted with our current and future clients. One of the attendees was kind enough to forward their take on the day’s events, and below is an email message we received on Monday morning:

Mike and I came to the open house and I just wanted to make a few comments in regards to that.  What a wonderful group of people your company has.  We have done a small project with another builder and could not have felt more insignificant to their staff.  What a difference here, we felt good when we left. The owners acted like we had known them for years and Gary was so exceptional the event felt like a social gathering instead of a business function.  Please pass the message along as we appreciated each and every person there this weekend.

Thanks for respecting your customers big or small it really goes a long way.


The Marmitts (Mike and Cheryl)

We are so happy the Marmitts had a great time, and truthfully we had a lot of fun too. Thanks to everyone who attended the events on Saturday and made it a successful and enjoyable day.

Winter Preparation Checklist

Miller01LOSMAutumn has arrived, and before the weather turns cold and harsh, there are several things you can do to prep your house for the winter months. With good preventative maintenance, many expensive home repairs can be avoided or minimized.

Here is a checklist of things you may want to review or address in the upcoming weeks:

-Change or clean furnace filter and water filters

-Inspect storm windows for any signs of deterioration and make necessary repairs

-Remove bird nests from chimney flues and outdoor electrical fixtures

-Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

-Disconnect hoses from outside spigots

-Set thermostats and ductwork dampers for winter

-Remove fallen leaves from gutters and downspouts

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