Selecting Showerheads and Sprays

master shower with marble look tile and exposed stoneDuring a bathroom remodel, a new showerhead is typically in order. However, it is important not to make a decision at random. Instead, you need to consider all of your options and determine what will be effective for your shower space and your needs.

Raining the Right Way – Rain shower heads are very popular due to their luxurious, spa-like appeal. However, many are unaware that they should be paired with a separate, hand-held head. Rain showerheads are for relaxation, so oftentimes the water pressure isn’t strong enough for tasks like rinsing out shampoo. If opting for a rain head, pair it with a separate hand-held, multi-function showerhead.

shower with pebble tile floorShower columns are a great add-on for hand-held showers because a slide bar allows you to adjust the height and angle of the showerhead.

Body Spray Placement – In addition to your showerhead, body sprays can add a spa-like feel to your shower. To make sure you get the full benefits, consider the shower size, where you will be standing, and its ability to be adjusted to different angles.

Take Advantage of Technology – When it comes to showerhead technology, one option to consider is an air injection showerhead. As it sounds, this type of showerhead injects air into the water to provide power and the feel of a massage. As an added bonus, it uses less water, which in turn can lower your utility bill.

Assess your drain – If you are adding multiple showerheads and body sprays, it is important to look at your drain. If you have too much water coming in and an inefficient drain, you can flood your bathroom. This can lead to other issues.

Set up an appointment with a Normandy Designer if you are ready to upgrade your primary bathroom and include a luxurious shower space. The Normandy photo gallery, Facebook, and Instagram page also have plenty of bathroom remodeling ideas.

DSC_0787dual sets of fixtures to allow for concurrent his and hers showering large master shower with two sets of body sprays









What Decorative Lighting Does for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom vanity and chandelierWhile not the primary source of lighting, decorative lighting is just as important – whether that be in a small powder room or large master bath. To better understand this type of lighting and why it is needed; here are some insights from Normandy Designer Jennifer Runner Cross, AKBD.

“Lighting should be looked at in layers,” said Jennifer. “The first layer is your general lighting, which ensures the space is well lit. An example of this would be can lights in the ceiling.”

“The second layer is decorative. It includes wall lights such as sconces and ceiling-hung items like chandeliers and pendants,” added Jennifer.

What should you consider for decorative lighting?

Master bathroom vanity with makeup table, chandeliers and divided mirrorsPlacement – Think about your space and where you can strategically place decorative lighting. For example, a chandelier can be a beautiful focal point. Or, sconces work really well near a vanity or mirrors.

Brightness – Whatever type of decorative lighting you select, it is important to know how bright the light is if it’s a cool or warm color temperature, and the type of light bulb it requires.
“The type of light matters as it will impact the brightness and tone of the room,” noted Jennifer. “You want to avoid fluorescent lighting if you can. Instead, opt for a warm color temperature LED which is more ideal for around mirrors. This is especially helpful when applying makeup.”

“As a side note, you’ll also want to make sure you have enough wattage,” added Jennifer.

Decorative lighting in bathroom

Aesthetic – Decorative lighting can really add to the overall design style of your space while also maintaining function.

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