Custom Cabinetry Furniture Pieces

madison_26Kitchens and bathrooms in many homes are outfitted with standard or semi-custom cabinets.  They provide function, are attractive, and are relatively reasonably priced.  But when a standard size or shape doesn’t fit the need, it’s time to take a step up, into a fully custom cabinet.

Custom cabinetry breaks free from the limitations of simple kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities.  The beauty of custom cabinetry is that it is completely flexible, allowing you to design the look and function to fit almost any need. This allows you to use cabinetry materials to create furniture-like pieces that are tailored to your space, including buffets, tables, and armoires.

“Typically, custom furniture-type pieces are recommended if you are looking for something unique, or you have a really specific idea in mind that you are trying to achieve,” said Normandy Designer Leslie Lee.  “Examples include furniture-style island pieces, hutches, refrigerator armoires, tables, closet built-ins, and bedroom furniture like armoires.”


In addition to being completely customizable, there are also a few other pros to this type of piece.

“These custom pieces are high quality and equivalent to high-end furniture,” noted Leslie. “However, it should be noted that these option does come at a higher price point.”

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bench seating and angle table in the kitchen

Kitchen Remodel for a Mid-Century Modern Home

White kitchen cabinetry with shaker door style When completing a kitchen remodel, it is important to consider the current architecture of your home. Just ask Normandy Designer Lisa McManus, who completed this recent kitchen remodel on a mid-century modern home in Kildeer.

“You always want your finish materials to keep in line with the space,” said Lisa. “In this home, the mid-century modern architecture really drove our design decisions.”

“Overall, we kept it simple and opted for natural wood to keep a warm tone that was in line with the rest of the home,” noted Lisa “We also stayed true to the home’s original design by keeping the ceiling beams in place.”

In addition to the home’s overall architectural design, the need for an open-concept also influenced the design of the space. Prior to renovating, the U-shaped kitchen had multiple entry points, but was closed off to the dining and living room. Overall, Lisa reconfigured the layout to open things up.

Suspended shelves separate kitchen from dining roomAdditionally, Lisa delivered when it came to the need for entertainment-focused storage. Her design included custom, floating wood shelves, which open up into the dining room.

“In order to suspend these shelves from the ceiling, we resourced hardware to support them,” noted Lisa. “Overall, it keeps the space open, yet provides some separation. Plus, it works really well for decorative storage.”

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Suspended shelving and kitchen island with sinkWhite kitchen cabinetry with stainless steel hood and exposed beams

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