AAUW After Party Menu

We’re just a few days away from the 60th annual AAUW Home Tour and the second annual After Party at our Hinsdale Showroom.  As the date draws nearer, more details are being finalized and we are happy to share our updates with you.

For those who attended last year’s event, you will likely remember the great chef we had preparing our wonderful treats.  He’s back again this year and just as he did previously, the hors d’oeuvres will be prepared in one of the kitchen vignettes in the showroom.  If you didn’t have a chance last year, I encourage you to stop by for a few minutes to watch this talented chef prepare the stunning and delicious menu.  In fact, we just received a list of the dishes to be prepared from Sub-Zero Wolf corporate chef Craig Bell.  In addition to the wine and lively conversation, here is a list of the dishes that we will be enjoying:

-Roasted Chicken and Pepper Canape

-Corn Chowder


-Seared Ahi Tuna Bites

-Braised Pork Bahn Mi

-Blue Cheese Steak Bites

-Fall Salad


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry just reading about it!

The after-party is open to all ticket holders for the AAUW 60th annual home tour.  If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you can buy them online, just click here.  The weather is predicted to be wonderful this Sunday, October 2, and truly it’s an event not to be missed!

Must Have Mudrooms

No matter what time of year it is, it seems that your entryway gets cluttered with everything from shoes and coats, to soccer balls and bags.

If you are looking to reclaim your front entry from the chaos, many homeowners are finding that a mudroom space is just what they need. If you’re not already familiar with these marvels of organization, you may want to consider adding a space such as this to your home.  A great many of our remodeling projects include a mudroom space as a must-have feature.

You may be able to convert some of your existing laundry room or garage space to create a “landing zone” for your family, or if you have a home improvement project coming up, this is one space upgrade that you will thank yourself for every day.

These photos show that there are a wide variety of options from individual spaces for each person to a row of hooks and benches for coats and shoes.  Whatever your style, a mudroom can make the chore of getting everyone out the door on time, a little easier.  And with the ability to integrate charging stations, your cell phone, iPad, or iPod will be right where you left it and fully charged for the day.

If you’re tired of the clutter and ready to incorporate a mudroom in your home remodel, or contemplating more extensive changes to your home, you can set up a time with one of our designers to talk about the possibilities. You can also learn more about additions, kitchens, or other remodeling projects at an upcoming workshop. Check out the photo gallery or follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook and Instagram for even more home tips and inspiration.

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