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  • Normandy Thanksgiving Potluck

    It's the time of year for shamelessly overeating with friends and family, and the Normandy... Read More

  • Normandy Showroom Remodel is Complete

    Although it's been complete for a couple of months, the business has been booming and... Read More

  • AAUW Home Tour After Party Recap

    For the third year in a row, the Normandy Remodeling Showroom hosted Home Tour After... Read More

  • Normandy Showroom Undergoes Trendy Remodel

    After being a popular showcase in the Normandy Showroom for about 12 years, two of... Read More

  • A New Year, A New Seminar Space

    You may assume that since the Normandy staff is working on dozens of remodeling projects at any given time,... Read More

  • How to add floral picks to your Christmas Tree

    Adding floral picks to your Christmas tree can make the tree look fuller and give... Read More

  • AAUW After Party Wrap Up

    The AAUW After Party wrapped up Sunday evening with great food, wine and general merriment.... Read More

  • AAUW 2011 After Party Roasted Corn Salad Recipe

    This was one of the favorite dishes at the 2011 AAUW Home Tour After Party. ... Read More

  • AAUW After Party Menu

    We're just a few days away from the 60th annual AAUW Home Tour and the... Read More

  • Normandy Hosting the AAUW Home Tour After Party

    Normandy Builders is joining with the Oakbrook / Hinsdale Area branch of the American Association... Read More

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