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Normandy Remodeling has a team of designers and architects committed to helping you realize your personal vision for your home remodeling. All of our designers possess a style as unique as their backgrounds. Learn more about their design philosophy and approach, and find the designer that’s right for you.

Normandy Remodeling Designer Kathryn O'Donovan

Kathryn O’Donovan

The daughter of an architect and builder, Kathryn O’Donovan was inspired by beautiful design from an early age...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer Laura Barber

Laura Barber

Laura’s love for great design is apparent in every project. Whether it’s a historic Victorian, a traditional home or a...

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Residential Designer Maury Jones of Normandy Remodeling

Maury Jones

Helping families find the unique solution that perfectly fits their home and lifestyle is Maury’s ultimate goal for his clients...

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Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe

Ashley Noethe

Ashley Noethe is an award-winning designer whose focus is to create solutions for your home that feel deeply personal yet remain supremely functional…

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Jeremy Paris, Designer for Normandy Remodeling

Jeremy Paris

Jeremy brings his architectural background and keen eye for detail to every project he undertakes. He approaches...

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Bill Peterson, Designer for Normandy Remodeling

Bill Peterson

Bill’s passion for design began at a very young age. As early as his grade school years, Bill knew that...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer John Long

John Long

I believe that solid relationships forged through careful listening and deep understanding are how you develop a remodel that is...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer Jackie Jensen

Jackie Jensen

Jackie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior and Environmental Design from Illinois State University. During her time in school, she...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer Becca Ruggiero

Becca Ruggiero

Becca holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from the Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg. She is CIDA Accredited and...

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Normandy Designer Abby Osborn

Abby Osborn

Abby holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior and Environmental Design from Illinois State University and is CIDA Accredited. She originally...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer Dana Martin

Dana Martin

Dana earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. She has more than 10 years of experience in...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer Bryan Brisky

Bryan Brisky

Bryan has been working in the Interior Design field for 7 years. He studied Architecture and Kitchen and Bath...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer Racquel Fout

Racquel Fout

Racquel earned her degree in Architectural Design & Technology and for over 30 years she has reimagined homes inside and out...

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Connor Brattland, Designer for Normandy Remodeling

Connor Brattland

Connor a firm believer in designing spaces that are well tailored to his clients, with the goal of making efficient use of space in every room or addition to create...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer Angela Burroughs

Angela Burroughs

Angela is a member of NKBA as well as ASID, she specializes in creating spaces that are exquisite in detail and intuitive for daily living...

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Normandy Remodeling Designer Kelley Irvine

Kelley Irvine

believe remodeling can transform your home so that it supports your state of mind as much as your daily activities. To create a space that feels natural and aligned with your lifestyle...

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Pamela Gieseke, Designer for Normandy Remodeling

Pamela Gieseke

Pamela has been focused on residential interiors for the majority of her career. She has a particular knack for solving tricky spaces, creating rooms with continuity and balance.

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Liz Marusin, designer for Normandy Remodeling

Liz Marusin

Liz studied Interior Design at the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg. She is a fan of mid-century modern design and loves historical homes...

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Normandy Designer April Underwood

April Underwood

With over 25 years of experience, April has won numerous design awards and often has her projects featured in industry-leading publications...

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Normandy Designer Kirk Tracy

Kirk Tracy

Kirk's background designing luxury hotels and his early experiences as a finish carpenter provide him with a broad foundation to create exceptional designs that are grounded in the finer details...

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Normandy Designer Vince Weber

Vince Weber

Vince Weber is an award-winning architectural designer with Normandy Remodeling where he manages and oversees the design and construction...

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Headshot of Normandy Remodeling Designer Leslie Molloy

Leslie Molloy

Leslie earned her Degree in Interior Design from Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago. Through further studies, she obtained accreditation as a certified...

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