A Better Quality of Life during a Home Remodeling Project

Here at Normandy, we understand that initial feelings toward living through a home renovation can be described as overwhelming and intrusive. However, as experts in home remodeling, we are here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we go to great lengths to make the remodeling process is as painless as possible.  We understand you live there and we don’t want to disrupt your household any more than is necessary.

For example, we recently renovated an attic without touching the house until the final breakthrough. In this case, a temporary set of outdoor stairs led workers up to the space. These stairs eliminated the need to use the front door and avoided the need to transport tools and materials through the living area. Therefore, while construction was going on in the home, the rest of the house was virtually unaffected by the work taking place.

While not every project has the ability to be as isolated from the rest of the home as this attic conversion, we do our best to make the remodeling experience as livable as possible for every renovation.  Here are some of the ways we work to consistently provide a better remodeling experience:

Pre- Construction Meeting – Prior to construction, we take some time to ensure that everyone is on the same page by having a pre-construction meeting.  In this meeting, we will discuss what is happening and the hours we will be working within the home.

Exterior First – Whenever possible, we do as much isolated, exterior work before breaking through any walls of the home.   This minimizes dust and disruption to the rest of the house.

Wall Closures and Coverings –We do our best to isolate the work zone from the living area as much as possible. Therefore, we take care to build temporary plastic walls. We also put down floor coverings, carpet masks, and felt runners protect the existing flooring that leads to the construction area.

Priority on Certifications – In addition to the steps listed above, all Normandy Superintendents and Tradespeople are LRRP certified for safe lead paint removal.  This ensures that there is no threat of harm to inhabitants. Everyone is also OSHA certified, helping to make the job as safe as possible.

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The Difference Between Frameless Showers, Framed Showers, and Semi-Frameless Showers

walk in shower, free standing tub, chandelier in master bathroom

There are many choices to make when remodeling your primary bathroom, one of which is the type of shower you want to install. Before jumping in with both feet, it is important to research your options, including frameless, framed, and semi-frameless shower enclosures.

While fully frameless, framed, and semi-frameless showers are beautiful and popular options for your bathroom, you’ll want to be sure you understand and visually see the difference between your choices.

Frameless showers are comprised of tempered glass that is between three-eighths to one-half of an inch thick. The heavier weight and sturdiness of the glass help eliminate the need for heavy metal framing around it. Instead, the structure is held together by metal fasteners and hinges.

basement bathroom with framed shower and black fixturesFrameless is a great option for displaying beautiful tile and it also provides an open and airy feel. Keep in mind, however, that since the glass is thicker, you may notice a slight tint.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a framed shower enclosure.  With a fully framed shower, the glass thickness is between three-sixteenths and one-fourth of an inch. Because the glass is thinner, it needs more support than just metal brackets and hinges. Instead, it is surrounded by metal framing which coordinates with the finishes of the other fixtures in the bathroom.

Semi-frameless shower enclosurePerhaps the happy medium is the semi-frameless shower option.  Semi-frameless shower enclosures tend to have slightly thicker glass and a more noticeable frame, but it largely allows an unobstructed view of the tile and interior of the shower.

While frameless showers offer the cleanest look, semi-frameless is an intermediate option for your bathroom if frameless isn’t right for you.

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Primary bathroom shower with storage  stand alone tub in front of window and shower with half wall and frameless surround

frameless shower attached to deep tub with deck surround in traditional primary bath with oak vanity  stand alone shower with wood wall look and decorative floor tile in black and white, open shelving in nook

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