Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2022

Bathroom design is really exciting these days. Whether you are a fan of the quick and invigorating shower or a long leisurely soak in the tub, your ideal bathroom is possible. Using beautiful, easier care materials, intelligent layouts and pops of personality, your designer can create an environment in which you’ll love starting and ending the day. Consider this your shortlist of things to consider, straight from our Normandy Designers.

Fabulous Fakes

laminate cabinets and porcelain tiles that look like natural stone are a few of the top 2022 bathroom trends

If you’ve been flipping through images of recently renovated or newly built bathrooms, your first thought is probably about how gorgeous all the natural stone looks. That is probably followed quickly by concern over how you would care for it your own home. Don’t let that dissuade you. Normandy Designers are using tile that realistically mimics natural stone, but comes with a fraction of the maintenance. These fabulous fakes open up a world of possibilities that many people would have passed on previously. Now, you can have the look you love, be it sleek and modern or old-world elegance.

Bathroom with pattern tile floor

Patterned Tile

Liven up your floors, walls, shower niche or bench with a pop of patterned tile. You can go all out or add just an accent of your favorite geometric, printed image or other expression of your personal style. Picking tile can feel like being a kid in a candy store. Don’t relegate yourself to just the basic vanilla, explore the options and have some fun.

Sleek Universal Design
Most of us will go through a time in life when we are recovering from an injury or resting up from an illness. Universal design is a top 2022 bathroom trend that never goes out of styleIn those times, simple things like bathing can be more difficult. Making design choices that can help an aging or recovering person can bring much needed dignity in these moments. Fortunately for all of us who consider ourselves forever young, a bathroom can be made more universal by adding simple things like a bench and handheld shower or a tub with deck for stability and easier ins and outs. If you are renovating your forever home or just concerned about what the next few years might bring, definitely discuss these options with your designer.

Is 2022 your year to design the bathroom you’ve always wanted? If so, you can set up a time to talk to a Normandy Designer about the possibilities. Find more ideas in the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries. If your resolutions include being more social, find us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and now, TikTok, where we share inspiration and tips.

patterned tile seen behind the bathtub is one of the top 2022 bathroom trendspatterned tile in the shower is one of 2022's bathroom trends

Bathroom with stained vanity, glass shower enclosure, and bathtub



patterned tile is a top 2022 bathroom remodeling trendPrimary shower with bench

Don’t Be Square When It Comes To Your Doorways

Archway connecting the dining room with new addition

As you walk through a home, some details are obvious and some work in the background, creating the harmony and cohesion inherent in beautiful houses. Doorways can fall into either category. If you are adding on or renovating, your designer will have some ideas around doorways and how they can elevate your whole design. It can be a fascinating conversation that confirms what you already know – there is absolutely no need to be square.

“Arched doorways are beautiful. If a home already has them as a part of its architectural style, we usually match those to create a cohesive look to the addition,” says Normandy Designer Maury Jones. “If you have a vintage home with Mediterranean or Tudor influences, it’s likely you have arched doorways. Decorative Bathroom CeilingWe’ll choose arched styles to lead into any new rooms to complement those existing doorways,” Maury adds.

Even if you’re not trying to match a particular style, Maury says there are ways to add a little interest to your doorways. “You can try a modern approach to a doorway, with simple drywall openings instead of the carved moldings used in more traditional homes,” he says.

If you like a traditional look, you can lean into the aesthetic and add more details. “We can add as much detail as you like with crossheads and pediments. There are even ‘eyebrow’ crossheads that add an elegant arched detail to your doorway without the actual door opening being curved,” says Maury.

Doorways are just one of the many elements that make your renovation or addition exactly what you want it to be. Working with a designer who understands historical architecture and is up on the trends ensures your refreshed home is a place you absolutely love for years to come. The process is fun, exciting and a true collaboration made better when you have some idea of what you want to achieve and are open to ideas from your designer.

If you’re thinking of remodeling or adding on, why not set up a time to talk to Maury? The Normandy Remodeling photo galleries are excellent for finding inspiration. We share ideas and projects on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and now TikTok. If you’re on any or all of those social networks, we invite you to like, pin and scroll with us.

Family room created with arched door way to match the existing houseBreakfast room, built in bench seating, and arched opening


arched doorway from kitchen to family roomarched doorway with decorative wood panelingSitting room with fireplace in the bedroomKitchen with island and breakfast nook

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