Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2024

White kitchen with green island and gold accents

The turn of a new year has you creating vision boards for your health, your career, and your home. This year, things will be different, starting with a kitchen remodel. Among all the colors, materials, and textures to consider, it can be tricky to narrow down the elements that best reflect your personality. We checked in with our Normandy Designers to get their insight on the top kitchen design trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2024 and beyond. Allow these ideas to add a few more sparks to your inspiration.

Seeing Green

Neutrals are making way for bold splashes of color and when you pick your favorite, you’ll always win. Greens in various shades are especially making headway this year. From fresh and springy to rich and grounding, this color can add a pop of interest to your island or backsplash, or go all-in with a full kitchen of painted cabinets in your favorite hue. Gold tone hardware and fixtures pair nicely and add a touch of sophistication and shimmer.

pull out shelves for pots and pans in gray kitchenBuilt in hutch with gray painted and dark stained cabinetry, mullion cabinet doors

Cabinet Magic

Cabinets have come a long way in the kitchen arena and this year we’re seeing them in all their tricked-out glory. Offering conveniences such as pull-out shelves or platter dividers, you can move about your kitchen like a professional chef, minus the chaos. It’s like the magic behind the curtain.

Kitchen Sidekicks

All heroes have a dependable sidekick, and kitchens are no different. Supportive spaces like a butler’s pantry or buffet help the busy cook during dinner parties and special events, providing additional countertops for serving and drawers for storing. Wet bars, coffee bars, and dry bars can be the pit stop for anyone in between meals, and their location eases the foot traffic in the kitchen’s main thoroughfare.

Trimmed out Hoods

black kitchen with porcelain slab backsplash

Range hoods come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, but a common theme has been adding that little something extra to make the hood feel unique to the kitchen. Trimming out the bottom edge of the hood with a band of color or hint of metal creates interest and ties the kitchen together, especially when pulling a matching grain inspired by the wood tones in the island.

Statement Slabs

There’s nothing like a statement piece to create that wow factor in your kitchen, and there’s nothing more showstopping than a gorgeous slab backsplash. A striking slab anchors the range and cooking space, but the graining inspires movement and interest. Might we suggest an impromptu kitchen dance party?

Composite Sinks

Black kitchen sinkComposite sinks are having a moment, appreciated for their durability and stylish nature. These sinks are easy to clean and maintain and come in a variety of colors to suit your kitchen’s aesthetic. Especially striking in a black color, these sinks pair beautifully with the black matte faucets and fixtures that are equally popular.

If these ideas have your brain percolating with excitement and you’re ready to start discussing next steps, reach out to one of our designers, they’re here to help take the overwhelm out of a kitchen remodel and guide you through the process. For even more kitchen remodeling ideas, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and begin curating a vision for your new kitchen.


Black coffee bar in an arch top alcove near the kitchen accented with a black subway tile backsplash  MCM kitchen beverage center with walnut cabinetry  Arched doorway from dining room showing dry bar and framing white kitchen with green island and gold accents

White kitchen cabinets with dark stained hood trim  white painted kitchen with slab backsplash and metal hood pairs with dark stained island  

White kitchen with divided sink  Vertical tray dividers in the kitchen island cabinets  

Take Down that Wall: An Open Floorplan for your Kitchen Remodel

When designing a new kitchen, you may think outside the proverbial box and imagine what might be possible… if only that pesky wall wasn’t in the way. This then begs the question, “is it possible to move a load bearing wall?” Most times, the desired floorplan can be achieved if the wall comes down, even if it’s a load bearing wall. Removing an interior wall is more involved than a basic kitchen remodel, but not as extreme as adding an addition to the home. “Sometimes the only way to make a design concept come to fruition is by removing a kitchen wall and then adding in supplemental supports where needed,” says Normandy Designer Becca Ruggiero.

gray painted kitchen with dark stained buffet  before kitchen with wall separating kitchen and dining room with purple accent wall

Benefits of removing a wall

“A common reason for removing a wall is to create better sightlines from the kitchen to an adjacent family or dining room,” Becca says. “This way parents can keep an eye on younger children while preparing meals.” Another reason for removing a wall is to accommodate space for a larger island and allow proper traffic flow throughout the kitchen.

“Open concept is still a popular design request and although the square footage isn’t changed by removing a wall, it does create a more spacious feel and better connectivity to adjacent rooms,” says Becca.

Identifying load bearing walls

One of the ways we determine if a wall is load bearing is by heading down to the basement. “By evaluating support beam locations, we can get a good sense of how easy or difficult it will be to remove a wall,” says Becca. “Similarly, if the basement ceiling is open to the floor joists above, it’s a good first step to find out how the heating runs, what plumbing may be in the wall, and other issues that could make removing a wall more costly.”

Maintaining structural support

Removing a load bearing wall will require you to provide additional support, often in the form of beams or posts to maintain the structural integrity of the roof or second story. “Sometimes these can be concealed within the ceiling, other times it may be necessary to incorporate them into the design of the kitchen because they cannot be hidden,” says Becca.

Eat in kitchen with island and wood hood

Don’t let these parameters dissuade your decision, though. When working with reputable architects, contractors, and designers, the proper protocol and adjustments will be thought through and the necessary permits will be secured before construction begins.

If it turns out removing a wall will create a domino effect of other issues or cost more than what you budgeted, you can rest easy. A gorgeous kitchen design is still within reach using the original footprint of your space.

By removing a wall, you can create a whole new look for your main floor or kitchen and design a space with better flow that will fit your family’s lifestyle. Give Becca a call to discuss your hopes and plans for a more open layout in your home. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter. We share customer stories of fabulous before and after projects (some of which had their walls removed, too) as well as floorplans that had the entire layout flipped or shifted. You won’t believe the difference a remodel can make in your home. To see our most recent projects, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest. Start scrolling and saving your favorite inspirations for an upcoming project.


Modern black and white kitchen  Before kitchen u-shaped before walls came down

Blue and white kitchen with stained Alder island  Blue Center Island


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