Next Level Kitchen Countertops

It’s almost impossible not to run your fingers over a thick, gorgeous slab of stone. Thick kitchen countertops are a high-impact design choice that elevates your entire kitchen and surely wows everyone who enters. A thicker slab gives the color and pattern of the stone more space in which to shine, creating a strong focal point.

“It works beautifully on an island, which is already the center of attention and where more plating and serving and less prep work takes place,” says Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe.
The look is created with a base layer of wood underneath and then a thick edge. “That way you’re not paying for a double slab,” says Ashley.

kitchen island with wine storage and contoured countertop

Ashley tells us the edge is where the magic happens, saying “You can go super modern with a square edge or, if you like a more traditional look, add some curves with a double ogee edge.”

The customization options don’t stop there. There is also opportunity to raise or lower the countertop height an inch or so. “If you’re a little taller and you’d like to go up an inch, we can do it.” This might mean adjusting your cabinetry since the standard size for lower cabinets is designed for countertops of standard thickness.

Ashley has solutions for making your cabinets fit perfectly with thicker countertops. “Inset cabinetry can be custom made to suit or you can adjust the height of the toe kick. White Painted Kitchen with Wolf Range and Marble CountertopsYou can also consider frameless doors, which work perfectly.”

Choosing thick countertops not only creates a spectacular looking kitchen, it also opens up all sorts of customization options for your family.

If you find yourself pausing on countertop spreads in magazines or are thinking about a kitchen remodel, why not set up a time to talk to Ashley? If you’re hoping to learn more about the remodeling process, join us for an upcoming virtual webinar. There’s inspiration to be found in the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries. We share design ideas on Instagram and Facebook and welcome you to follow along with us.

book shelves at the end of a kitchen island

Gray and white cabinets, gold hardwarew, decorative backsplashReclaimed Wood BeamsBlonde rift cut oak modern kitchenWhite kitchen with island and metal range hoodwhite kitchen with metal range hood

Light Up The Vanity

Bathroom vanity with light sconces on the mirrorWhen it comes to putting your best face forward, there’s a little secret designers want you to know. Place your bathroom lighting on or right next to the mirror at eye level to give yourself the most flattering light in which to brush, floss, put on makeup, shave or use that jade roller you suddenly can’t live without.

“Lighting placed at eye level right in front of you will always bring better, more natural light to your face,” says Normandy Designer Becca Ruggiero. Becca adds, “Can lights are a great place to start for your bathroom lighting but to prevent shadows and give yourself the best light, you’ll want to add fixtures directly to a larger mirror or on the sides of a smaller mirror.”

Master bathroom vanity with matching his and hers sinks and storage ledge

Becca gives examples of both scenarios. “A customer’s bathroom had a really large vanity and after looking at the proportions, we decided a smaller mirror with sconces on the sides was the best solution.” For another customer, “The vanity is in the dressing room with less space so it made sense to place the lights right there on the mirror. It was really important to her to have good light because that’s where she gets ready for the day or to go out at night.”

With the placement agreed to, the real fun begins. “People are finding such interesting lighting fixtures, which add so much to the overall design,” Becca says. She adds, “Whether your vibe is Edison bulbs, styles without shades, farmhouse vintage or glamorous, there are really great choices out there and all of them add something extra to your bathroom design.”

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, why not set up a time to talk with Becca about all the possibilities. You can also join us for a workshop to learn more about remodeling. Looking for inspiration? You can browse the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries for ideas. We share photos and tips on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and welcome you to follow along with us there.

primary bathroom with a double vanity and blue backsplash tile  Bathroom Remodeling

 Double vanity in master bathroom as part of a master suite addition

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