Wide Open Possibilities

Sitting and eating are off kitchen for entertainingThose formal, rigid room classifications of our mother’s or grandmother’s heyday fade more every year. No front room with vacuum tracks for us. Modern life means living all the ways in all the rooms. Even families with large homes long for flexible open spaces that serve many purposes beautifully.

A comfortable area for casual meals, card games or hosting friends at book club and charity board meetings is on the wish lists of more and more families.

Normandy designer Vince Weber understands the need for maximum options. “In any addition that opens up to the kitchen, flexibility is the most important thing to create,” says Vince.

Kitchen with island and breakfast nook

To make large spaces feel more defined, look to natural transitions, like one created by a difference between the flat ceiling in the kitchen and vaulted ceiling of the addition. Vince recommends enhancing high ceiling with skylights when possible. “Skylights let in natural light that goes deeper into a space,” Vince says.

Clever design elements can also increase the definition of different areas. Custom cabinetry is a great example of this. “We’ve designed pieces where one side of the island has nine drawers and looks like a hutch that faces a casual seating area, while the other side looks typical of what you would find in the kitchen,” says Vince.

open kitchen layout with an adjoining sitting area

“Flexibility of space is more important than ever,” Vince explains. “As phases of life and the needs of a family change, you might consider leveraging a room in different ways. A sitting area off the kitchen can convert into an informal dining space, just by changing the furnishings. It helps you get the most out of your home now and it’s also terrific for resale.”

If you could use a little extra space for all the things going in in your family’s life, set up a time to talk to Vince about the possibilities. We also invite you to attend one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about remodeling. There’s inspiration to be found in the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries, and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.



Express A Love of Color With Tile

Kitchen with bright blue green backsplashWhat’s everyone’s favorite building material to choose? Tile of course. With all the colors and textures available, it’s the grown-up version of a candy store and just as irresistible.

If you love neutrals or farmhouse prints, there are many beautiful tile options for you. From simple subway to geometrics or raised relief patterns can add a lot of interest even if you keep it all white.

For those who are inspired and energized by color, why not really go for it and create something uniquely your own?

Design palette with green hexagon tile“Don’t fight your love of color,” advises Normandy designer Abby Osborn, adding, “Colors can influence your moods so really think of how you want to feel in the space.”

Using a strong color in your design instantly becomes a highlight and allows for simple selections elsewhere. Abby says, “The color becomes the focal point and it’s best not to have too many things that might distract from the impact.”

Think about where you want to make your statement. “A bar backsplash is one place where people like to do something a little bit fun,” Abby says. She explains that it’s not a high-traffic area and easy to keep clean. The bathroom is another place to choose a statement color, especially if you chooseShower niche in navy tile something “Timeless with a punch of color.”

As for what hue to choose, it should be something you really love. Abby says that blue is a perennial favorite and colors grounded in nature, like green, can look fantastic in many settings. A little more surprising is the rising popularity of black tile, which can feel groovy, decadent or refined in the right setting.

Things to watch out for include using two or more striking colors in too small of a space and moving forward with anything you’re not absolutely certain about. “It is a big commitment. Make sure it’s right,” Abby says.

Navy and rust toned tilesIf you’re looking to express yourself though, a designer like Abby can help you create something uniquely your own through tile and all the choices that go along with it.

Why not set up an appointment to chat with Abby about the colorful (or neutral) possibilities? You can also attend one of our virtual webinars to learn more about remodeling. Find more inspiration in the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a daily inspiration.


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