New Addition(s) On The Way For Normandy Designer

normandy designer vince weberNormandy Designer Vince Weber and his wife are expecting twins soon!  The Normandy team showed him our support by getting him a gift.  The designers had their weekly training meeting and this time, the architects, supervisors and the entire team walked in and presented Vince with the gift and gift card.  The best part was he had no idea it was coming and was quite confused as to why everyone was in the meeting – his look of surprise when the gift came out was priceless!

Congratulations, Vince!  We wish you and your family the best of luck!




Incorporating A Curbless Shower In Modern Bathrooms

White curbless shower with dark floor

Modern bathrooms are all about clean, sleek lines.  One way to incorporate the look is to install a curbless shower, because they can be designed to make the floor look continuous throughout the bathroom.

Trench drain in a zero threshold shower

“This type of shower falls perfectly into the ‘modern’ category,” says Normandy Designer Kathryn O’Donovan.  “One of the newer appeals to this shower is incorporating linear drains, which effectively drains the water and reinforces the clean lines you’ll find in the rest of the space.”  Another advantage of a curbless shower, there’s zero tripping hazard; this benefit makes the shower fit for an aging in place and universal design aspect as well.



Roll in shower with curbless design

Things to consider for a curbless shower are that ideally the entire bathroom has to be pitched, or at least the shower if it’s big enough, to adequately drain the water.  It’s also important to still incorporate a door or curtain to prevent water from getting all over the rest of the bathroom.  If you’re foregoing the screen or curtain for a doorless shower look, make sure the surrounding materials are all waterproof or you’re going to run into trouble quickly.

If you are contemplating changes to your bathroom or thinking about creating a primary bathroom retreat, you can set up a time with a designer to talk about the possibilities. You can also see photos of bathrooms and other remodeling projects in our photo gallery, or follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook and Instagram for even more home tips and inspiration.


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