Remodeling Research: How to Know When You Know Enough

There are so many ways to research your upcoming kitchen or bathroom remodel. Between magazines, Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram, there’s no shortage of information and inspiration. You have the latest trends, product recommendations and tips from designers are all at your fingertips. It’s normal to do some research, but too much can hurt you in the long run.

For some, over-researching can be paralyzing. With access to so much information and so many choices, decision-making can become overwhelming.

Designers can help make those difficult decisions. But, they do so much more than guide you towards the best cabinetry and backsplash. They get to the root of your problem within the space, addressing issues like layout, storage, traffic flow and more.

There are times when a homeowner has a problem that they want to solve before they meet with their designer. We like to remind people that part of our process is for us to give you options and solutions. You don’t have to have answers to everything. There are a lot of ways to solve a design problem and we are here to come up with solutions that fit your needs best.

Yes, the Internet has plenty of answers. But they aren’t tailored to your needs and budget.  So, how do you even know which is the best option? We’re not saying you shouldn’t look online. But once you feel like you have a handle on what you like and you have a trusted partner, it’s best to work with them to move forward.

When working with a Normandy Designer, you’ll get to review color renderings of your new space, touch and feel product samples, and make educated decisions that solve your personal pain points.

Normandy Remodeling Design Team

It’s likely that you’d never want to operate on yourself, you’d rather have a professional do it. The same thing goes for kitchen remodeling.

You can follow Normandy Remodeling on Instagram and Facebook if you’re still in the inspiration gathering phase, or if you want to get a little more in-depth, register to attend an upcoming virtual webinar. Once you’ve gotten your inspiration settled, it’s time to put down the Pinterest and set up a time to meet with a Normandy Designer to talk about your kitchen remodel or home addition. After all, inspiration gathering works out best when you put it in practice for your home remodel.

Why You Should Consider a First-Floor Bedroom and How to Make It Happen

First Floor Master BedroomThere’s a movement towards first-floor living, and it all comes down to aging in place. The consensus is… I want to stay in my home as long as possible. It’s important to prepare BEFORE you age. Alleviating the challenges of moving later in life on your family and yourself can be as simple as planning today. There are plenty of ways to get you set up on the main level. Here are some strategies to consider:

Repurposing or adding living spaces to the first floor is a common request. If you’re not creating a first-floor master suite from the get-go, homeowners are planning an office or exercise space that can be utilized as a first-floor bedroom in the future.

A first-level bedroom suite can be used in many capacities by many types of families. These spaces are often designed and built for an aging parent, an injured homeowner, an in-law or guest suite, an au pair suite, or most commonly, a prudent homeowner planning to stay in their forever home.

Either way, first-floor living is often the answer for deferring the move to assisted living. As we age, climbing up the stairs becomes difficult. Injuries and surgeries can also happen when we least expect them. What would you do if you tweaked your knee? Or, hurt your back? It’s important to be prepared.

When it comes to getting what you need, here are some options to consider:

Reworking the first floor–In many instances, reworking the first-floor layout can make the most sense.

First floor full bathroom

Adding on– If the zoning of your lot allows, you can create an addition. It’s about making the addition look intentional and like it’s always been part of the home. A smart design will allow for a cohesive transition between the existing first-floor spaces and the new bedroom suite. This includes proper transitions, placement, and architectural details between rooms, like a vestibule or anteroom.

Both adding on and changing the layout are great ways to move to the first floor. Given the tremendous demand for first-floor master suites and the limited homes on the market with this feature, it makes perfect functional and financial sense to add to your current home. Not only suit your current and future needs without having to move but adding financial value and appeal when their home is sold down the road.

Set up a time to discuss your options for first-floor living. Or, register to attend an upcoming addition or remodeling workshop to learn more about the process. You can also gather more ideas by visiting the Normandy Remodeling photo gallery or by following Normandy Remodeling on Instagram and Facebook.

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