Kitchen Ceiling Considerations

White painted kitchen cabinets with a coffered ceiling and robin's egg blue paint on the wallsOrnate and lavish ceilings have always been a popular enhancement in churches, museums, theaters and libraries. However, now-a-days, beautiful ceilings are not only limited to large institutions. In fact, unique ceiling details are becoming extremely popular in kitchen remodels. If this design element interests you, here are some considerations from Normandy Designer Leslie Molloy, CKD.

“There is often a focus on cabinets or built-ins, with ceiling details falling to the wayside,” said Leslie. “However, when you add design details to your ceiling, it’s another layer to the overall feel of the space.”

“Just like an area rug anchors down furniture to the room, a ceiling can also define the room. Especially in open-concept areas,” added Leslie.

tin ceiling above the kitchen islandWhen upping your ceiling’s style, it’s important to take height into account.

“Ceiling height can be a challenge,” noted Leslie. “With a standard eight foot ceiling it can be hard to do a tray ceiling with depth because you can’t make the ceiling lower.”

“However, in that case, you can opt for crown molding to emulate a tray ceiling,” added Leslie.

If ceiling height is not an issue, then the next step is to determine the best style. If your home is overly traditional, the types of molding used in a tray or coffered ceiling may have more ornamentation. Or, if your home is contemporary or transitional style, then moldings should be simpler. Additionally, other considerations include adding more boxes into a coffered ceiling for more visual interest.

“You can also draw more attention to a coffered ceiling adding different color in that area,” said Leslie. “Or, if you want it to be less dramatic, you can have everything painted the same color.”

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Preserving a Vintage Feel in a Newly Remodeled Space

vintage inspired white kitchen with island seatingWhile an older home offers plenty of character, oftentimes the layout is no longer practical for today’s modern family. The good news is that when the time comes to remodel, there are plenty of options that will allow homeowners to maintain the charm and integrity of the home, while adding useful updates that will improve day-to-day function.  One example is an Oak Park kitchen remodel by Normandy Designer Karen Chanan, which skillfully blends old with new.

Prior to remodeling, the kitchen was outdated and there were plenty of adjacent spaces that were underutilized. These closed off, blocks of room included a secondary room, dining room and butler’s pantry.

white kitchen with seating at the island“The challenge was that we had all of these little spaces,” said Karen. “Ultimately, we came up with a design concept that used these rooms to create a larger, more functional kitchen.”

“Now, the kitchen opens directly into the dining room, so it is one big space,” added Karen. “To stay true to the home, we created the arch that separates the dining room from the kitchen.”

The kitchen was also enhanced with new updates such as white cabinetry, a mint, ceramic backsplash and quartz countertops. Additionally, the new layout allowed for a large island with seating.

kitchen sink with open shelving nearby

However, not everything was shiny and new. The homeowners wanted to preserve some of the history of the home and opted to maintain its original, vintage stove.

“We designed the kitchen around this vintage stove,” said Karen. “First things first, we had to understand how to properly remove and reinstall it. From there, we designed cabinetry that would accommodate the lever on the left-hand side, which turned on the broiler.”

“You’d never know, but the piece of countertop next to the stove flips up, providing access to the lever when needed,” mentioned Karen.

white kitchen with vintage stove

Additionally, care was taken with the design to enable the homeowners to easily slide the stove out should it need to be repaired.

All in all, this stove and the new arch help to maintain the original disposition of the home, while a new layout and updated materials breathe new life into the space. If you have a vintage home you are looking to remodel, set up an appointment with Karen to discuss design ideas for your space. Or, register to attend an upcoming seminar to learn about the remodeling process. You can also follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more design ideas and inspiration.

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