Your Stay-at-Home Maintenance Checklist

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stay active, you’ve probably already tackled most of the predictable cleaning and home maintenance items. But if you’re looking to give your home some next-level TLC while you’ve got the time, have we got the list for you. We asked our Construction Superintendents (who know a thing or two about houses) for their recommendations of projects that you could easily tackle at home, without a trip to get supplies. Here are some of their great suggestions:

– Make sure all downspouts are directed out-and-away from your home (use extensions if needed)
– Grease your garage door
– Put your leaf blower to work by blowing out dust and debris from your garage
– Hose down your garage floor to remove winter salt deposits left from your vehicle

Deep clean: Trench drain in a zero threshold shower
– Remove and wash your air duct vent grills
– Vacuum your refrigerator coils to prevent overheating
– Pull down and clean exhaust fan covers over your cooking surface
– Vacuum out your duct work, both the grills and inside the ducts
– Make sure your dryer’s lint trap is clean and that there are no obstructions in the exhaust pipe
– Sweep out your fireplace (you can even spread the ashes in your garden for an added source of lime and potassium)
– Clean your faucet aerators by unscrewing and removing mineral deposits

– Spray WD-40, silicone, or 3in1 oil on all squeaky hinges
– Change the batteries in your smoke detector
– Add water to your floor drains and any bathroom drains that are not used often

– Flush your hot water tank annually to help extend its life

Tasks like these help you take a closer look at your home, which you may be doing already with all the time you’re spending indoors. If you’ve realized your home needs some significant changes, like a new kitchen, bathroom or addition, set up a virtual consultation. Our Designers are currently available to meet digitally to discuss your home renovation possibilities. For even more design inspiration, tips and tricks, follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook or Instagram.


Zoom Into a Virtual Background

Picture this: you’re about to hop on a video chat with your boss when you realize your homes a bit… untidy to say the least. Well we’ve got you covered with a few of these sleek-and-clean “virtual backgrounds”, perfect for Zoom. Simply save which photo you like the most, set up your video conference, upload your photo, and you’re ready to go! Your home may not be the neatest but your background sure is.

living room open to loft above and adjoining kitchen Open floorplan in Chicago condo merges kitchen and living room to gain view of Lake Michigan


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