Kitchen Designs get a New Spin on the Lazy Susan

Lazy SusanThe Lazy Susan has long been converting awkward corner cabinets into functional storage space. But in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of options available to maximize the storage potential of a wide variety of corner cabinets. Beyond the original pivoting shelves for your kitchen cabinets, you can now add trays that slide and swing-out, letting you store it all from pots and pans to pantry items, while keeping everything easily within reach.  Finding the right corner storage application for your kitchen cabinets has as much to do with the overall kitchen design as it does with the options available.

The Super Susan is essentially the next generation of Lazy Susans and is best suited for a typical corner cabinet. These pivoting shelves are mounted to a fixed shelf, eliminating the need for a central pole. They rotate on ball bearings and are exceptionally sturdy, making it a great spot to store heavier items. With Super Susans, each shelf also rotates independently, making it easier to lift items out.

“You should keep in mind that there are applications when a typical “L” shaped corner cabinet just won’t work for a particular kitchen,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee. “In those cases, a blind corner cabinet may be the best solution to maximize your kitchen’s storage.”

Just because the corners in your kitchen don’t have a traditional Lazy Susan application, doesn’t mean you should dread having a blind corner cabinet.

“When it comes to blind corner cabinets there are a variety of LeMans trays and swings you can incorporate,” added Leslie. “The bonus is that a pull-out shelf is also included, which makes the contents of the cabinet very easy to access.”

With a LeMans, the shelf is pulled outside of the cabinet, bringing contents into the open. Each shelf can be moved independently and the surface area provided works well for small appliances, baking canisters, or pantry items.

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Induction Cooktops are on the Rise

There are many choices when it comes to a stovetop, with the most recognizable options being gas and electric.  However, another option that is growing in popularity is induction.

“Induction cooktops have been available for decades and are actually very popular in Europe. However, they are just now gaining momentum here in The States,” said Normandy Designer Leslie Lawrence Molloy, CKD. “This is primarily due to their reputation for being precise and energy-efficient.”

“While many prefer the flame of a gas burner, there are some advantages for making the switch,” added Leslie.

Here’s what’s cooking with induction surfaces:

All-Around Efficiency – Induction cooktops rely on magnetic friction to heat the pan, as opposed to using an open flame. Due to this technology, only the cookware will heat up – not the actual cooktop itself. This process boils water and cooks food much faster, all while losing less heat. Overall, this makes induction much more energy-efficient than gas. As an added bonus, your food is also cooked much more evenly.

Easy Clean Up – The smooth surface of an induction cooktop is much easier to wipe clean than the grates of an electric or gas burner. Furthermore, because the surface of the cooktop remains cool, liquid and food will not bake into the surface when spilled.

Proper Pans Required – While proper cookware is required, it is not as hard to find as one might think. In fact, stainless steel and cast iron cookware will work just fine. As a rule of thumb, if a magnet sticks to the bottom of a pan, the cookware is compatible.

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