Classic Christmas

Christmas TreeStill haven’t finished decorating your Christmas Tree yet?  Normandy Designer Jennifer Runner was kind enough to share her classic Christmas Tree with us, to provide a little inspiration.  In the ongoing debate of real vs artificial (which seems to be pretty split here within our ranks), Jennifer opts for an artificial Douglas Fir tree.  The appeal to her is that with the proper adjustments the tree can look just “perfect”.  Jennifer adorned her tree with a deep red and gold ribbon that swirls around the tree and matching red and gold ornaments.  Add white lights and a silvery star and you get the picture of a classic Christmas Tree.

Modern Laundry Room

Modern Laundry Room with Open Shelves

Laundry rooms can be a great place to let your style shine. Just because it’s an everyday workspace, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring and utilitarian. Normandy Designer Kathryn O’Donovan recently completed a Laundry Room for a client in South Barrington that has style as well as functionality.

This client was looking to create the Laundry Room of their dreams in their very beautiful and unique modern home. The home was originally designed by Peter Roesch, who was a protégé of Mies van der Rohe and has a distinctive modern look. Kathryn’s design goal was to both enhance and soften the home’s modern stylings at the same time.

The room featured a modern cement plaster detail on the walls, which the homeowner wanted to preserve and show off. Open shelving with exposed brackets reinforced the overall industrial look, while the walnut cabinetry and honed limestone countertop introduced warmth to the space.

This happy client has now added more functions to this room than originally thought possible. The space now functions as the gift wrapping center, gardening center, as well as laundry room.

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