Traditional Black and White Bathroom gets Dramatic

Black bathroom vanity and white bathtub and tile

When this couple built their home decades ago, it included a first-floor primary suite with finishes that were typical for that time. The bathroom featured a builder grade oak vanity, ceramic floor tile, and a layout that functioned, but was not necessarily ideal. It was clear that a change was overdue, and the couple was ready to breathe new life into their primary bathroom. Having remodeled with Normandy Designer Laura Barber twice before, they knew exactly who to call to help create the oasis of their dreams.

“Originally, she envisioned a much larger walk-in closet as part of the bathroom remodel, and they even contemplated a home addition to achieve the extra space,” Laura says. “But we found a much more suitable solution – moving the toilet. By strategically relocating the toilet, we were able to expand the closet by several feet, without the expense of an addition.”

The shower remained in the same location, but with a twist. The access point was cleverly turned to make room for the expanded closet and some additional space was gained by downsizing the linen closet to a tall cabinetry piece.

“The coup de grâce was switching to a freestanding tub without the deck, and it’s now the focal point of the bathroom,” Laura says.

When it came to selecting finishes and details, their past experiences working together opened the door for some more daring design choices. “I’ve worked with this fabulous couple on numerous projects in their home. Together, we’ve remodeled their kitchen, powder room, laundry room and hall bathroom, so I had a solid understanding of their style and tastes. Over the years, we established a design language and I felt fluent enough in their likes and dislikes to introduce some bold concepts they may not have considered on their own,” says Laura.

stand alone showerA spectacular patterned tile inspired the color palette, which is featured as a tile rug accent in the flooring, as well as in the shower niche. “Their style is fairly classic, so I knew that a black vanity might feel like it was at the edge of their comfort zone, but I also knew that the right combination of support materials would make this bold choice feel like a sophisticated update to a traditional design aesthetic,” says Laura.

Initially perceived as a crazy  idea, the renderings spoke volumes, and soon, everything fell into place. Crown molding, lighting, mixed metals, and other intricate details were carefully selected to elevate the bathroom’s ambiance and make it truly special.

The journey from a cookie-cutter bathroom to a sophisticated sanctuary was nothing short of remarkable. This bathroom now stands as a testament to the power of vision, creativity, and the partnership between Designer and homeowners.

If you’re ready to see your space with a fresh pair of eyes, call Laura to discuss your ideas. In the meantime, stay up to date on design trends by signing up for our newsletter, or following us on Pinterest and Instagram.


Black bathroom cabinets with white tub   Before bathroom with tub in deck

shower niche  Black bathroom vanity cabinets black bathroom cabinets

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