Bathroom Remodel: How to Make Your Bathtub the Focal Point

LVzz24Marked-231x300A strong focal point adds interest and draws the eye of the viewer. When it comes to your bathroom, one way to capture attention is with a free-standing bathtub. In order to properly execute this design idea, here are some bathtub focal point pointers.

Free-standing bathtubs are extremely popular and have been trending for a while. This type of bathtub adds interest and function to the space.


It can also lend itself to a specific style. For example, a claw-foot tub provides a vintage look, while a square-shaped tub is more modern.

The decision for a free-standing bathtub is impacted by the size of the space. If a bathroom is very large, this type of tub is often added – even if the homeowner doesn’t regularly take baths. Why? It helps to fill the space, eliminating any large gaps.

If there isn’t space for a free-standing tub, a tub deck can also be a focal point.

Once the bathtub is set in place, there are ways to further emphasize it as a focal point.


The wall behind the bathtub is a great way to provide emphasis. For example, the tub can be centered in front of a beautiful set of windows. Or, you can add tile accent or artwork on the wall above it.

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