What to Consider When Major Appliances Fail

Hawthorne34One of the most common reasons people start a kitchen remodel? Failure of a major appliance. While a new kitchen may be on the “to-do” list for years, it’s the pending replacement of an appliance that often moves a remodeling project into the forefront. But if your oven is on shaky ground, or your refrigerator is making a strange noise, you may want to start thinking about your remodel before you simply replace a broken appliance.

Appliances are an important part of your kitchen’s design, so before you go out and buy them, it’s best to talk with a designer. The sizing and location really matter, so if you want to change either of these things, it’s probably a good time to consider remodeling. However, if you’re happy with the size and location of your appliances, replacement may be right for you.

Keep in mind, buying new appliances is not something to take lightly. The CountyLineRd_Hinsdale_54average life span of a refrigerator is between 9 and 12 years, while a gas range can last up to 17 years. As appliances will be with you for many years to come, it is an investment that you should appreciate.

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