The Best Bathroom Design Tips are Most Easily Overlooked

all white bathroom with banjo countertopOn the surface, it’s a beautiful white bathroom that blurs the line between traditional and transitional. But look closer, and you’ll see plenty of smart design details that make the most efficient use of space in this bathroom. Let’s take a tour of some of the more easily overlooked design choices curated by Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe that make this primary bathroom a standout:


A banjo countertop above the toilet answers the question “can we find any more counter space in the bathroom?”. This shallow shelf is a continuation of the vanity countertop and is a favorite in both small and moderate size bathrooms alike.

Multi-level shower niche provides plenty of variable height storage options for shampoo, soaps, and shower necessities. As an added bonus, it’s the perfect excuse to add texture by way of a fabulous accent tile.

Corner cabinets where vanities meet take advantage of what is often neglected space. Perfect for shared items, these cabinets are ideal for rechargeable toothbrushes, a hair dryer, or any bulky item that you’ll want to keep at the ready.

recessed niche next to makeup table in all white bathroomShelves in the recessed niche next to the makeup table take advantage of vertical storage space, providing room for daily essentials and decorative touches.


Matching tile baseboard around the room tricks the eye to make the space seem slightly bigger. This tile is available in profiles similar to a wood baseboard, but its durable nature is especially well-suited to rooms prone to splashing, making them easier to keep clean.

Volume controls on your shower are often located beneath the fixture, but there’s no reason that’s where they need to land. Relocate the control to just inside the shower door and you can turn on the water to let it warm up before you get wet.

Low-maintenance finishes are popular selections for bathrooms because we all want a more convenient way to keep the tiled areas clean. Quartz countertops and porcelain tile that look like natural stone give you the beauty and warmth of organic products without any of the worry.

A shaving ledge that doubles as a mini-bench seat in the shower is a feature that you won’t believe you lived without. It provides a stable foothold for shaving, and if the need ever arises, it can serve as a bench that will pair with the hand shower.


All white bathroom with framed arched mirrors, freestanding tub, and skylightLarge mirrors around the perimeter of the room work with the skylight above to bounce the natural light, making it cheerful and bright during the day without having to turn on the lights. They offer the added bonus of making the room feel larger, and their beautiful arched top adds a sweet charm to the room’s aesthetic.

A freestanding tub was the right solution in this bathroom, as they sought to expand the shower’s footprint, but wanted to keep the option of a bath. Freestanding bathtubs take up less space than a traditional bathtub with deck surround, so they easily yield additional space to the more frequently used shower.

Wall sconces mounted directly to the mirror at eye level provide flattering lighting while getting ready. In tandem with the mirrors, the sconces also enhance the brightness in the room.

Design is always in the details, but it’s not always the showy choices that make you fall in love with a space. Talk to Ashley about finding the ways to make your new bathroom a study in details. You can find inspiration in our photo galleries, or delivered to your social media feeds via Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


all white shower with accent tile and shaving ledge that doubles as mini bench  freestanding tub and matching tile baseboard

all white bathroom with framed arched mirrors and skylight  temp control just inside shower wall


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