When do I pay you?

Payments are due when we reach milestones in your project so that as we progress through design and construction, payments are made accordingly. Most of our projects go through the conceptual design phase with no fees, and for the handful that require additional diligence, we charge a 1-2% design fee of the anticipated project cost. Once you are satisfied with the designs, we ask for a 5% deposit at the time you sign construction documents, less any design fee that you’ve paid previously. This low cost is our way of showing good faith to you, and making sure that you feel comfortable with the process. The next payment is due once the blueprints are completed, and then during construction milestones such as when concrete is completed (when applicable), cabinets are in place, and mechanicals are finished. Once we reach substantial completion, we will make an assessment for what work remains and agree on a figure, up to 10% of your project price, which you will retain until the final items are resolved.

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