How much does it cost?

“How much does it cost” is arguably the most common question we encounter when people are contemplating a remodel. Unlike many of the other things you can purchase these days, remodeling doesn’t lend itself to being easily comparison shopped, and seemingly small changes can have a big impact on the price. While we can’t give you a firm price without actually working through a design with you, there are some tips that might help you figure out which ballpark you’ll find yourself for your addition or remodel.

One great resource you can reference is Remodeling Magazine’s most recent Cost vs Value report. They are an independent industry publication that surveys many different companies to determine the average cost of a remodel for different areas. This means you’re not getting numbers for your specific project, but you also don’t have any bias to consider when looking at general prices.

If you get a price for your project that doesn’t align with your budget, it is worth having a conversation with the person who created the design to see if there are places to adjust the scope or the materials so that you can get closer to a solution that you love, at a price you can afford.


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