Pops of Color Can Be Slight, With Decorative Pendant Lights

Today, homeowners enjoy having multiple layers of lighting in order to have more flexibility within their space.  Whether it is in the kitchen or in a casual setting, different moods and tasks call for different light fixtures. “Pendant lights are a functional targeted task light that can further enhance the style of the space,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee. “These decorative elements can create visual features within the room and focal points for the space as well.” The color that is incorporated, if any at all, depends entirely on the homeowner and the style of the space. Because there is such a variation in shape and size as well, many homeowners take this opportunity to add these features in order to boost the interest in the room and add complementary elements.

“Pendant lighting is most commonly found over a kitchen peninsula, kitchen islands, or home bar,” added Leslie. “It is important to keep the number and size of the lights proportionate to the surface too, in order to maintain the balance of the room.” These lights are ideal for adding a design feature and slight pop of color to the space. For example, in this contemporary basement, Leslie incorporated these blue pendant lights in order to counterpart the colorful fish behind the home bar. The colors of these glass fixtures are illuminated by the light within and add soft lighting to the room in addition to the visual component.


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