2013 Remodeling Excellence Award

Contemporary Basement Remodeling Ideas

–  The columns were done in a crisp white, and can be found throughout the basement, contributing to the light and airy aesthetic of the space.  Some of the columns are masking support columns, while others are decorative to help designate the different areas while maintaining an open, yet symmetrical, concept throughout the basement.

–  Incorporating natural elements, like the stone accent walls and warm cabinetry, paired with ample lighting make the space seem less like a lower level and more like another room in the house, which was a goal of the homeowners.

This basement renovation is a great example of how important it is to tie in not only the homeowners’ style, but also their personal history.  “We actually designed the entire bar area around a prize fish that they caught on one of their trips to the South Pacific, with the stone resembling sand and blue pendant lighting resembling the ocean,” noted Leslie.  “The entire space is a great representation of the homeowners’ lifestyle, which should be the goal of any home remodeling project.

The basement remodeling project was recently recognized with a Remodeling Excellence Award for Leslie’s ability to create a space so in tune with the homeowners’ lifestyle, while managing to finish the project within budget and the agreed upon timeline.

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