Four Ways to Know When it’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Age is just a number, except when it comes to your kitchen. If you’re thinking about a remodel, Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe says to consider the look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen.

kitchen before wall was removed

1. It’s falling apart

The most obvious reason for starting a kitchen remodel is when the signs of wear and tear are evident.

“Usually at the 20-year mark everything starts to break down,” says Ashley.

2. It’s outdated

Of course, your kitchen may be ‘perfectly fine,’ but the look is reminiscent of when Friends first aired.

White kitchen cabinets with gray island cabinets

“A kitchen that was remodeled twenty years ago can still be in great shape and be fully functional,” says Ashley, “but maybe at the time you loved the red cherry cabinets with black granite look, and that no longer suits your style.”

Similar trendy looks leave a time stamp on your kitchen and can later affect your resale value.

3. It’s not functional

There have been so many advances made in kitchen cabinetry, appliances, Peg Drawer for disheslight wood cabinets with slide out shelvesand overall design that reflect today’s busy lifestyle and you may be missing out.

“Features in cabinetry now offer soft close drawers, roll-out shelves, and even drawer dividers. There are so many ways to customize your kitchen to make it more functional for the way your family utilizes the room,” Ashley says.

4. It’s not “yours”

Perhaps, the kitchen, and house are new to you, but the last homeowners had a very different style from your own. White kitchen with gray island and blue tile accents“It’s completely fine to remodel even a recently finished kitchen,” Ashley offers. “There’s no judgement if you want to swap out someone else’s dream kitchen to make it your own.”

After what you’ve learned, are you ready for a kitchen remodel? Contact Ashley to discuss your project and ideas. If you’re still unsure, you can browse photos of beautiful remodels we’ve completed for our happy clients on Facebook and Instagram.




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