Where to put the sink if your kitchen doesn’t have windows?

Kitchen sinkWhen a kitchen remodel is done right, numerous details that come together to make up a beautiful interior. A few of these particulars include lighting, cabinetry, layout and color palette.

“There should always be multiple focal points in the kitchen,” said Normandy Designer Christopher Ebert. “This includes windows, range hoods, decorative cabinets, changes in cabinet colors, and islands.”

While all good kitchen designs include multiple focal points, a well-placed window is not always guaranteed to be one of them.  However, options for natural and artificial light mean that a kitchen can be bright and cheerful with or without windows.

“It is always nice to have natural light, however, in certain situations like condos, there might not be any exterior walls,” noted Christopher. “In that case, it is essential to add enough ambient and task lighting.”

Kitchen sink in islandPerhaps one of the most common questions that arise when your kitchen lacks a window relates to the placement of the kitchen sink.  A very typical kitchen layout will place the sink directly in front of a window.  This is a great choice for the view and the natural light it provides, but where should you put your sink if your kitchen doesn’t happen to have a window?

“Sinks are usually in front of a window because there aren’t any cabinets above it, making it easy to maneuver around,” said Christopher. “However, the sink can be placed elsewhere and still be very functional and beautiful. For example, a lot of time a sink in an island makes sense even when you have a window .”

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