Top 13 Kitchen Trends of 2013

mixed finishes cabinetry

We surveyed the Normandy Design Team and got their expert opinions on what trends they’ve seen in 2012, and what they’re expecting to see a lot more of in 2013.  And here’s what they shared with us:

1. Bursts of color throughout the kitchen; it’s a retro style that’s great for making a statement.

2. Light driftwood cabinetry using oak and walnut woods.

3. Contemporary designs will grow in popularity; 2013 is a year we’ll be seeing a lot more clean lines than we have in the past.

4. Gray stains on cabinetry.

5. Colored paints for walls – gray was huge in 2012 and will continue to be very popular in 2013.

6. kitchen trendsThe “live-in” kitchen layout.  This means having the kitchen open to another room in the home, such as a living room.  It’s a great idea for people with big families or who love entertaining.

7. Thinner countertops, particularly ½” thick countertops of man-made materials.

8. Rustic materials.  People are highlighting the beauty of natural, imperfect products in the kitchen.

9. Creating a kitchen that can be a multi-purpose space.  Adding seating to an island or creating a media center allows for a homework space or surfing the internet.
10. Low maintenance surfaces and materials.

11. Integration of technology.  Designers are incorporating elements such as iPod/iPad docks, TVs, etc.

kitchen trends

12. Mixing finishes.  Designers are creating interest through mixed finishes, creating focal points out of a particular cabinetry piece, such as a hutch or refrigerator.

13. Large, commercial-scale appliances; this is another way of creating a focal point in the kitchen.

For more pictures of 2013 kitchen trends, check out our Pinterest board we put together of just that!


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