Mixing Stained and Painted Kitchen Cabinetry is a Winning Recipe

Mixing stained and painted finishes in the kitchen is a remodeling trend that’s been popular for several years, and shows no signs of fading any time soon.  “Introducing multiple finishes in the kitchen allows you to create contrast, enhance the visual interest of the space, and break up the potentially monochromatic look of the kitchen,” says Normandy Designer Kathryn O’Donovan.  Mixing colors, textures, and materials can work in any style of the kitchen; it is just a matter of how the effect is applied.  “In a modern kitchen, it is more common to see contrasting colors in a similar glossy or matte finish,” notes Kathryn.

“For a more traditional look, you can pair a distressed, stained cabinet with crisp white painted cabinetry which will create that wonderful ‘antique furniture look.” Selecting an accent color for your kitchen remodel can provide a welcome pop of color without becoming visually overwhelming.  “I recommend that statement pieces are offset with more subtle choices so that you don’t overwhelm the space,” commented Kathryn.  “And while there are some traditional design guidelines that should be followed, many of the rules are being rewritten; which means that today’s kitchens are filled with character and personality, and are no longer simply a collection of white cabinets.”


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