Tile Accent Walls

In an earlier blog post, we shared several accent walls largely covering paint and design options.  However, tile accent walls deserve a post all their own.  “Tile accent walls are something so different than what you’ll typically see,” says Normandy Designer Karen Chanan.  “It’s almost a showpiece really, with a depth and texture that makes a design statement.”

“Every home has paint, and that’s what makes a tile accent wall have such an amazing effect in a space.  However, unlike paint, you really need to love what you choose and commit, because it’s not something that can be easily changed,” commented Karen.  “You need to commit to the decor, color and style of the entire space, or maybe go with a more neutral color tile if you’re one that tends to change things up frequently.”

“One final note about tile accent walls is the grout lines,” noted Karen.  “You’re going to see them, regardless of which tile you use.  Although, there are tiles that show thinner lines and some that show thicker grout lines, which one you choose is based on personal preference.  If you really dislike the grout lines altogether, then a tile accent wall wouldn’t be something I’d recommend you move forward with.”



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