Instant Hot Water In The Kitchen

One of the most frequently overlooked  conveniences in kitchen remodeling today is the ability to have hot water on demand with an instant hot water dispenser. “It’s great if you’re a tea drinker or have anything that uses hot water regularly,” says Normandy Designer Stephanie Bryant, CKD.  “You can use it to wash dishes to ensure sterilization, and you really find lots of uses for it once it’s in. Whether it’s for hot beverages such as tea or hot cocoa, or meal preparation for instant noodles or oatmeal, people who have an instant hot water faucet in their kitchen frequently find it to be a favorite feature of a new kitchen.  You will need a separate faucet and heater, so it will be pricier than if you left it out.”

Instant hot water dispensers look much like a filtered water dispenser and are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and styles to coordinate with the other fixtures in the kitchen.


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