Boost Curb Appeal With A Front Porch

Colonial house before and after portico additionOften times homeowners are surprised what a difference adding a front porch to their home can make.  It can really take a house from looking like everyone else’s on the block to looking like a custom home.  Front porches are an ideal way to add architectural detail to a home’s exterior and really boost its overall curb appeal.

Split level home before and after additionFirst you need to determine what you want out of the porch and that will determine its size; start thinking if you want it for seating, entertaining or strictly curb appeal.From there, you can start working on the style of the porch.

It’s always good to go with a style that not only complements your home, but contributes to your home’s existing style. For example, a Victorian style home would have a porch that’s more detailed, possibly with wrought iron in the mix.  A Craftsmen style home would work well with flared columns and stone.

Two story home before and after porch additionBefore jumping into a front porch addition, make sure you aren’t violating any village codes, such as front yard set backs.  It’s also key in a successful porch addition, as with any home addition, to be mindful of the existing rooflines, you’ll want the porch to complement those lines.

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