A Window to the World

What goes into a kitchen remodel?  Normandy Designer Leslie Lee is sharing her personal kitchen renovation to give us a glimpse of what you may experience as your kitchen is remodeled.  You can start reading her story from the beginning, just click here.

“Ahh… A sigh of relief in the Lee household.  The hideous garden windows have been replaced with four nice double-hung windows.  The ginormous patio door that was caulked shut is finally gone, and three big double-hung windows are in its place.  I don’t know why there was ever a patio door in the dining room, to begin with – weird design.
The new sliding patio door with shades has now replaced the horrible swing patio door that was in the kitchen.  I think the dogs are going to love looking out that door at all the squirrels in the backyard.

It feels like a real house now.  I can’t wait to find some cool funky window treatments for the four double-hung windows that just went into the family room.  We will end up keeping these closed most of the time because you can see the neighbors from these windows.  Maybe we will be able to find shades that open from the top down, so we can still get some nice light coming in.

Stay tuned – cabinets are coming soon – this will be a big day!!!”


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