2017 Remodeling Excellence Award

This story begins with two pre-teen twins who are in need of their own spaces. Growing up, they shared a bedroom in their Winnetka home. But with their independent personalities beginning to shine, it was time for them to have their own individual spaces. To make a hip, second story “Twin Suite” happen, their parents called upon Normandy Designers Kathryn O’Donovan and Troy Pavelka.


To give a little background, the home was built in 1939 and already had a series of additions completed over the years by previous owners. The twin’s existing bedroom was an addition that was built over the original garage and was plagued with low ceilings and odd rooflines.


“In order give the girls the space that they needed, we proposed removing their existing bedroom and building out over both garages,” said Kathryn. “This allowed us to not only create the twin suite, but to unify the look on the outside of the home.”


There was also enough space for a loft area, which can function as a play room, extra room for sleep-overs and a space for doing homework. This space was especially exciting for the parents as they could get back control of the family room television again!


In addition to giving the girls the space that they needed, the new addition provided the opportunity to re-design the outside of the home. Here’s a little overview on what was done on the outside.

“When done right, an addition will blend into the home, not stand out,” said Normandy Designer Troy Pavelka. “Therefore, when building on this twin suite, we took time to ensure that the entire addition looked seamless.”


“This included aligning both garages in depth, replacing the siding and re-facing the front of the garage with brick,” added Troy. “We also redid the roofline over the garage and added some wall brackets. Now both garages look identical.”

In the end, this home addition gave the twins their space to grow as individuals, all while improving the exterior of the home. Now the homeowners can proudly show off their new space and point out that it was given a remodeling excellence award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

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