2017 Remodeling Excellence Award

Walking into this bathroom was like traveling back in time to the 1970’s. There was patterned amber floor tile, an angled vanity and Hollywood-style lighting. The shower also had an amber mosaic tile on the walls and ceiling, making it feel dark and cramped. Ready to get with the times, the homeowners sought out the help of Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe.


“While we knew the finishes needed to be updated, it was important to also think about function,” said Ashley. “So to start, we wanted to focus on how we could make the most of the space.”

The bathtub was the first to go. It was dingy and getting in and out of it was uncomfortable. The tub/shower combination was replaced with a large frameless glass shower enclosure. Now, the homeowners can simply step into the shower without climbing over the tub.

The next to go was the awkward, angled vanity. It was replaced with a cherry wood vanity. A dark stain with a glaze brings warmth to the space. The granite countertop also adds a nice blend of warm tones.

“The vanity drawers greatly improve function,” said Ashley. “There’s also a banjo top extending over the toilet tank, giving extra room for soaps, tissue and décor.”

Better lighting was also a must. There was nothing glamorous when it came to that old Hollywood-style light fixture. To brighten the room, it was replaced with a modern, wall-hung light. A large mirror brightens the room and a frame around the mirror adds a custom touch.

It was attention to detail and careful planning that transformed this 70’s style bathroom into a functional and modernized space. In fact, this bathroom was so well executed that it was awarded a Remodeling Excellence Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

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