2017 Remodeling Excellence Award

“I’m often asked whether or not it’s okay to remove the bathtub in a master,” said Liz. “It’s important to think about what’s right for your lifestyle. If you don’t use your tub, removing it can allow for some flexibility in the design.”

“That was the case for this couple,” added Liz. “Removing it gave us the space for a walk-in shower, linen storage and more counter space.”

In addition to removing the tub, some extra square footage was found behind the shower during demolition.
“We were working within the existing footprint of the shower, so finding an additional 24” of unused space was a nice surprise,” said Liz. “Based on this finding, we ordered additional tile and developed a new tile layout.”

“We also moved the showerhead to the back wall, making it a walk-in shower.”

The bathroom now has plenty of usable storage, including a tall linen cabinet and three drawers. There’s also more counter space for extra toiletries and miscellaneous items. The vanity also makes a statement. Look closer and you’ll see a television hidden inside the mirror. Speakers were also added to the ceiling, making it easy to catch up on current events while getting ready for the day.

Lighting is important, especially in the bathroom. To give the best options for light, all of the lighting was placed on dimmers. This means lighting can easily be adjusted based on the mood or time of day. A combination of can lights and the very slender LED lights at the vanity offer adequate lighting for the entire space.

The style and function of this bathroom earned it a Remodeling Excellence Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) of Chicago. This award is held each year and recognizes various remodeling projects, including interior and exterior.

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