Window Seat Revival: Why America’s Favorite Nook is Back & Better than Ever

Window seats are enjoying a resurgence in popularity in homes throughout the country, as an added source of storage, seating, and style.

“Window seats were originally used to cover up a radiator in older homes, because what better way to re-purpose an awkwardly placed heating unit than to convert it into a usable seating area?” says Normandy Designer Jennifer Cross. “Nowadays, window seats are purposely integrated into homes. Whether in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the hallway, these space savers are multi-purpose, which is why they hit such a sweet spot for designers like me.”

Depending on what you plan to store, you may prefer drawers, doors or flip-top options.  “I’ve seen people store linens, plates, or even seasonal pillows in their window seats,” notes Jennifer.

Design-wise, window seats can be as subdued or over-the-top as you’d like. “You can opt for a richly stained wood with applied molding for a traditional style, or you can choose something more minimalistic on the face of the window seat if your home is more modern,” notes Jenifer. “Not to mention you can add some more excitement with your choice of upholstery or vintage-style hardware.”

Now you may be wondering, how small is too small, or how large is too large? “When it comes to sizing, you can make it as long or as short as you’d like. I’ve seen a pair of small window seats flanking either side of a fireplace, but I’ve also seen a long stretch that’s extended the length of the entire wall,” adds Jennifer. “The only size limitation you should be especially mindful of is the seat height. You don’t want it being too high or too low, which is why I recommend going the standard seat height of 18 inches.”

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