What To Do When You Need More Bedrooms

Depending upon who you ask, opinions on sharing bedrooms may vary. While some feel that everyone should have their own room, others have no problem bunking up. However, for the most part, families with both boys at girls will eventually separate them into their own space. So, what does this mean for those short on bedrooms? Adding on? Reconfiguration? Forcing the kids to share? Here’s some advice from Normandy Designer Maury Jones.

Kids bedroom with colorful paint and floor designed to look like a basketball freethrow line“Growing up, my siblings and I shared rooms. It’s not out of the question to go that route,” said Maury. “However, if you are set on having separate rooms and your home does not have a master suite, I’d start with adding that. Then, you can reconfigure your existing space for your children.”

A master suite addition will add the most value to your home. Plus, it will also help with the future resale as it is becoming a ‘must-have’ item for most home buyers. Don’t forget… you’ll also have a new, private retreat to enjoy. It’s really a win all around.

master bedroom with tray ceiling and settee at the end of the bed“Once you have your master suite, you can move one of your children into your old bedroom,” said Maury.

“It’s also wise to consider remodeling your hall bath at this time,” added Maury. “Depending upon your needs, it might make more sense to add another sink if there’s not two already.”

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